Favourite Beauty Era – 50s/60s – and a winged eyeliner goodbye to Amy

By Aisling | July 25 2011 | 18 Comments

marilyn and audrey

The war was over.  Fashion celebrated with full skirts:  Dior’s New Look celebrated the fact that every spare scrap of material didn’t need to go help the war effort.  And beauty burst forth in a celebration of rich lipsticks and doe eyed liner.

We’ve got a huge mashup of beauty influences from the past happening at the moment – but the biggest historical influence is from the fifties and sixties.  Red lipstick always harks back to old Hollywood and is classically glamourous.  And whether it was all out sexy the way Monroe wore it or demure and saucy a la Hepburn, it’s a look that’s back with a bang

Winged eyeliner is on fire right now too and it’s the classic complement to those red lips.  But we’ve got a secret weapon that those gals of the fifties never had – we’ve got gel liners.  These new liners make drawing that cats eye flick easier than ever and now that brands like Maybelline and Catrice have landed their own versions on shelves they’re affordable and give great results. (Read: Bobbi Brown Vs Maybelline)

And of course we can’t leave any discussion of winged eyeliner without a mention of Amy Winehouse, the queen of winged liner.  We had fun wondering what on earth she was thinking at times with her seriously OTT take on the trend – but you know what?  That’s what made her different.

We’ll miss you Amy, R.I.P.

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18 Replies to "Favourite Beauty Era – 50s/60s – and a winged eyeliner goodbye to Amy"

  • MUFD says:

    That’s a nice pic of her above. She was a really pretty girl, underneath all the (usually, if not for this photo) badly-applied slap, messy beehive, sailor’s tattoos and anorexic look. But I agree; she was her own person. She was a tiny butterfly, talented but fragile and damaged, full of self-loathing and lost, to her family, to herself, to her talent. To those who say she wasted her life; she certainly did, but she was a human being, and every young death is a sadness, a pause for thought. Her life was a sad story and her death was a sad tragedy. Strangely and purely coincidentally, I had been asked to do a lot of “Amy Winehouse” type looks lately! She will be missed.

  • Jenlala says:

    I really love the glamour of this look – so timeless its a classic that will never really go away!!!

    Amy Winehouse was deffo one of a kind – a remarkable talent with a bold sense of style – unique and not afraid to be different – very sad that she is gone X

  • kittyKat says:

    MUFD, that was beautifully put.

    We had this talk in work this morning and I firmly believe that some icons are just not meant to grow old. They die while their star is still shining brightly rather than carry on until their talent fades. I really believe that. Amy’s Back to Black album has shot back into the album charts over the weekend. She will be remembered up there with all the greats like Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin. Took out Back to Black this morning but couldn’t bring myself to play it. R.I.P. Amy.

  • I agree that the loss of a (young) life is always sad and a tragedy. I can however not say with honesty that I feel particularly sad or sorry for people who have gone like her. That I have any understanding, pity or tolerance. Because I don’t. Icons (if that’s what they are) or regular people… It’s just so weak and unnecessary.

    Sounds terrible, but personal experiences have brought me to feel and think like this.

  • le smurf says:

    She was a great singer but a bit fragile god love her and that Bell-End Blake Fielder-Civil certainly didn’t help matters. Although we all have to take responsibility for our own actions!

    It’s very sad for her family as I believe they did all they could for her. I know a family with a similar problem and it doesnt matter what they do to help the person if the person doesn’t want the help offered!

    Regardless – it makes me sick when people say they have no sympathy. She was someones daughter/sister/friend.

  • I didn’t say I have no sympathy for the loss and pain of the family, or the loss itself… It’s just the action of taking all those drugs etc itself that upsets me, that I find unacceptable.

  • Breige says:

    1st off, I love this era for beauty and make up, it’s one of my favourites. Old school glamour is just so amazing.

    MUFD, that was very well put. Russell Brand wrote a piece about her, it’s on his website I think, as well as in The Guardian. He points out what most people are forgetting, addiction is an illness. Mental health issues are hard enough to discuss in public and the fact that a lot of people are saying she wasted her life and her talent does not help at all. Addiction is not a weakness, it does not mean you are a horrible person underneath it all. What’s tragic is that people think it’s the only way they can cope with it all. And how it affects others. (And to be honest, I don’t blame those who have been affected by the actions of loved ones who are addicts and feel differently to this. It is incredibly frustrating and upsetting to see someone go through life like this, I’ve seen it first hand myself. But at the end of the day, the person has to want to help themselves).

    But in the end, what’s happened here is that parents will be burying their child, that should never happen and that’s terribly sad. I hope she finds peace where ever she is now

  • kittyKat says:

    Listen to the lyrics on Back to Black. She was way ahead of her years. There was a maturity there that belied her age. They say there’s a fine line between genius and madness and I’m inclined to agree. She was a tormented soul for sure. I don’t think weakness came into it at all. She was a one off and will never be forgotten.

  • le smurf says:

    It is an illness – selfish and unacceptable as it may be. Addiction and alcoholism are serious illnesses. I dont have personal experience thank god but a friend does and I have a better understanding due to that.

    LightPinkPearl – my comment wasnt directed at you but having read a few articles over the last 2 days it’s clear a lot of people think she deserved what she got and whilst it probably wasnt a great surprise that she died I dont think it’s a very humane attitude that some people have. That’s all.

    russell brand wrote a really great article on his website – very insightful!

    By the way – I’m not an Amy Winehouse fan at all – her music does nothing for me and I really dont like her version of Valerie!

  • O Great One says:

    Russell Brand said it so well http://www.russellbrand.tv/2011/07/for-amy/
    Hope you don’t mind me posting the link Kirstie / Aisling

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