Burning Beaut.ie Questions: Do You Use Your Hand as a Mixing Palette?

By Beaut.ie | December 13 2011 | 30 Comments

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From watching makeup artists at work and how controlled and precise they are with what they put on the face, I picked up the habit several years ago of tapping product onto my hand first and using it as my palette*.

I pump foundation onto the back of my hand before it hits my face and swoosh my brush (or fingers) through it first, I tap off excess powder onto it, I tip loose pigment here before it ever gets onto a brush and I always dispense creams and primer onto my paw so I can easily control how much I’m using.

Bonus – you never run out of hand so it’s a continuously renewable palette source and applying product here first does help you control what you’re using and helps avoid clown face results. I do it now automatically, and never really notice that I’m doing it any more. In fact, the reason for this post is that over the weekend I was away with terrible bathroom lighting so had to do my makeup under the main room mirror.

Himself was wondering as to why I was putting things on my hand first, I explained, and then reckoned some of you might be interested to know about it as well. So tell me in a comment, do you do this too when you’re making up your face? Or how do you go about applying your makeup for a night out?

*yes, I wash it before I leave the house, worry not

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30 Replies to "Burning Beaut.ie Questions: Do You Use Your Hand as a Mixing Palette?"

  • lainey316 says:

    I do it for foundation and concealer, and to wipe excess liner off a brush, but that’s about it – powder products I tap onto the container in the hope that I’ll waste less :)

  • babodpower says:

    Yes,i have to wash my hands about 3 times when i’m putting on my makeup as there’s so much on there.

  • Jen says:

    Yup! For foundation/primer but never for anything more

  • LauraLou says:

    yup use it as a pallet. learned my lesson though, in galway & didnt bring any makeup remover, only baby wipes. Inglot gel liner on my hand, wouldnt come off. so i looked like i hadnt washed :)

  • Brass Neck says:

    Only for foundation/concealer on the odd time I wear then in liquid form. Ummmm, not sure how to ask, but do you have GIANT HANDS? I have just measured the back of mine (nerd) and there’s only about 2.5in x 3in usable space. That’s not a lot!

  • Kirstie says:

    haha, no! I’d wash it in between! So I’d do my foundation and then wash it, then do my eyes etc. I have an average sized paw I guess

  • Brass Neck says:

    I’m imagining all your readers now also frantically measuring their hands. :D

  • Maj says:

    Yes i do that. I love when you see make up artists in stores with swatches on their hands, make me feel like its a ‘real’ make up artist instead of a store girl ??? I’ve kind of confused myslef

  • Lisa says:

    I do it with foundation and loose pigment, not with anything else. Also ooh that Gosh stuff looks nice.

    (btw, speaking of loose pigment, did you see that there was an interview in the Observer on Sunday with THE ACTUAL BARRY M of Dazzle Dust fame? He exists! He is a portly middle aged gent called, er, Barry.)

  • Kirstie says:

    Lisa – yes! He sometimes appears on the Barry M twitter saying, Hi! Barry Here!

  • Trillian says:

    I assumed everyone did this!

  • blondie says:

    Yep foundation & barry m dazzle dust only though. Lisa…yeah laughed my ass off the first time i saw the real Barry on twitter I thought it was a joke at first…he’s the last thing you would imagine but he sounds very nice lol! Would love to know how he ended up owning a budet makeup line :)

  • FiFi says:

    Totally an automatic thing to do, it is so much easier to measure how much to use, or if it needs to be darker/ brighter. I do it for almost everything aside from moisturiser, I have started testing blusher on my wrist for some reason.

  • SJP's Missing Mole says:

    Yep, I started doing it a couple of years ago – especially good with dark eyeshadows where you’re afraid you’re going to give yourself an accidental black eye. I always tap off the excess and it turns out much better when I apply it then.

    Have ye ever seen the state of Lisa Eldridge’s hands at the end of one of her videos? Like a Dalmatian! She was the one who started me thinking I should do it more.

    Now I actually even mix Highlighter into foundation on the back of my hand and everything. And feel very smug cos I’m “just like a pro”, lol.

  • SJP's Missing Mole says:

    By the way, am another who’s suddenly FASCINATED with Barry M as an actual person.

    Have got mad back into my Dazzle Dusts lately ever since I realise they stick to a cream eyeshadow base and aren’t budging on me anymore. There’s a blue/black one that looks like Petrol that I can’t stop thinking about at the moment…

  • Banjaxed says:

    Oh, yes! I put foundation, primer and gel eyeliner on my hand all the time! Also, sometimes I mix a couple of eyeshadows together so I test it first on my hand to see how it turns out before I put it on my eyelids.

  • miffyonline says:

    Me too. I do this with foundation because I often mix two shades and I know exactly how much to use if I’m using the back of my hand. Also gel eyiner as it stops me applying too much. Blush, ditto. And eyeshadow too sometimes.

  • Makeup Hair and Glitz says:

    I do it with concealer and foundation all the time X x

  • Sarah says:

    I do it for all my primers and foundation.
    Not really sure how it started, I think when I got my first high end foundation it was in a bottle and I didn’t know how to get it out with out dipping it on my hand.

    But your right so much more control over make up if you do that!

  • I don’t do this at all! I feel left out!

    I just squeeze a blob of foundation straight onto my finger then dab it on my face and blend in. Primer, blusher, eyeshadow, I just use straight from the container onto my face.

    I’m not a real girl. I have no soul. I’m destined to be ugly and ungroomed and not ‘with it’ for the rest of my life.

    *stomps off muttering about young people these days.

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