Catrice Big City Life Limited Edition Palettes for London, Berlin, New York and Sydney. Wot, no Dublin!?

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catrice big city palettes - berlin

I thought about protesting mightily and not putting Catrice’s Big City Life collection on the blog at all because of the insult to the Irish nation delivered by everyone’s current favourite budget brand. London, Berlin, New York and Sydney are being feted in palette and polish form. BUT THERE’S NO DUBLIN!

Escandalo! Or should I say, ufasach?

new york

But then I copped myself on and couldn’t resist showing you lot this quad of shadow and cheek palettes plus matching nail polishes which will arrive in stores in November. So, Dublin might have been snubbed (ah seriously, we forgive you Catrice, I mean really what colours would you have used? Liffey sludge, Tayto bag red, Lyons tay brown and Dublin GAA jersey blue at a guess) but what’s on offer is rather nice.

catrice big city palette london

November’s looking like a bit of a feast for limited-edition Catrice, isn’t it?  The Bohemia collection will be housed on-stands in the top section where the limited editions live, and the Big City Life products will be getting their own stands. It’s a really cute idea and what’s pretty bloody great about these firstly is price: you’ll hand over €7.99 of your cash for each, and for that you get six shadows, a small brush and a mini kohl pencil; the matching lacquer for each is €2.79.

Catrice big city palette  - sydney

Secondly, quality seems to be fine (for the eyeshadows, maybe not quite as good as the brand’s singles, which are superb) judging on the one I have from the brand to swatch and play with ahead of the launch. It’s the London one – so lets take a look at a few pics, shall we?

catrice london palette

These are quite sizeable – about 8cm by 6cm and 2.5cm or so deep and the shadows are 1.5g in size with the blushers coming in at 2g each – so y’know, you’re getting quite a lot of product for your cent under eight quid.

catrice big city palette london shades

This is the shade offering I’d be the least likely to pick up off my own bat but actually City Hall and Globe Theatre are a pair I’d happily buy and use. Both blushers are very wearable too.

catrice swatches

Swatches of the six shadows – taken under flash so not quite as accurate as they could be, apologies.  But the textures are creamy, the pigmentation is good and there’s a mix of textures from shimmer, satin and glitter. While some are better than others, they’ll all pop more with primer – and for the money, hey, this isn’t a bad bet at all.

catrice yellow london nail polish

This is London nail lacquer, €2.79. If you’re still working the yellow nails trend, then this is another take on Chanel’s super-popular Mimosa. It’s paler but it has the requisite sparkle.

Sydney’s the one I’m going to check out on stand but which one do you like? And what colours would you put in the fantasy Dublin palette?

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29 Replies to "Catrice Big City Life Limited Edition Palettes for London, Berlin, New York and Sydney. Wot, no Dublin!?"

  • Claireyfairy says:

    Oh I want I want I want! I can’t wait for these to hit the stands… I can see all 4 being bought! I love the packaging on them!

  • Daisydaisy says:

    Oh Catrice…why do you do this to me??!!!! I just decided this morning that I was going on a spending ban :(

    Berlin and Sydney look particularly good….

  • Weird. Because you can’t get Catrice in the UK.

  • Christina says:

    The city theme is a bit cringemaking, but the palettes look fab. And at 7.99, how can you really go wrong? Sydney looks like it would be my fave, but at that price, maybe I could stretch to more than one! Berlin looks good too.

  • Kirstie says:

    ha ha! I don’t think you can get it in sydney or NYC either. I like the city idea, really cute. Wonder what Dublin’s would contain? A colour based on litter and a multicolour shade in homage to temple bar, based on sick. Also, guinness would have to feature somewhere, surely.

  • Brass Neck says:

    Jaaaaaysus, I’m going to have to buy them all. My Catrice problem is getting beyond a joke. Still, at least it’s cheaper than going to London, Sydney, Berlin, NY, etc…..

    Love the “Liffey sludge, Tayto bag red, Lyons tay brown and Dublin GAA jersey blue” ideas. How about “Sick Pigeon Grey” “Abrakebabra Puke Orange” and “Dodgy Guinness Black”?

  • Christina says:

    I think you’d deffo need a nice pale ‘DART green’ and maybe a nice slate grey to match the cloud-laden skies over Dublin.

  • le smurf says:

    They are so nice. Would deffo have to go with Sydney and Berlin. My mum would love these colours and so would my sis. Chrissy presents for deffo!!

  • Fiona says:

    le smurf, my thoughts exactly!

    Boardwalk orange, anyone?

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