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Call the cops! Gorgeous to Go launch causes pedestrian panic! Watch the launch You Tube

By Aisling | October 13 2011 | 46 Comments

“Listen we’ll have to get a move on here and get started.  The Guards are outside on Grafton St moving on the queue”

“What?  You’re joking!”

But he wasn’t.  It was only five to two and as more and more of us came along our ranks swelled – and truly I thought my heart was going to BURST with happiness.

What an absolutely fantastic day.  We of course procured the most handsome camera man in old Dublin Town for the day and he’s recorded the launch for posterity – because we definitely don’t want to forget this one.

And can we just give it up for fabulous Karen Koster.  And can we just say thanks to BT – because you know no one else does it like them?  And can we thank YOU GUYS some more?

Hundreds of yellow books headed to happy  homes where we hope they will be used to bits, loved and adorn many handbags, we met so many great people and all and all I would say… yes would definitely say…


Thank you all so much

Aisling and Kirstie xx

PS: and don’t forget! The book launches nationwide TOMORROW!

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