Bobbi Brown Christmas 2011: Pictures!

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bobbi brown Christmas 2011 collection

There are absolutely tons of gorgeous goodies just on-counter from Bobbi Brown and more en route in November, all for Christmas. And since it’s now October (squeak), we can take a look at ‘em! Please bear in mind all pics were snapped at the Estee Lauder Christmas press day so for some the detail isn’t great; in addition I don’t have any samples (yet!) so I’ve no swatches for anything at this moment in time; I also didn’t get to take pictures of all the brush sets and kits.

Phew! That explained, lets get to it.

bobbi brown ulimate party collection

Not a great shot, apologies, but this is the Ultimate Party Collection, €65. A limited edition, it’s available now and contains eight shadow shades and four glosses which are housed in a double-decker palette designed to minimise cross-contamination of shadow fallout into gloss, always a bugbear with mixed kits.

Shadow shades are Najavo metallic eye shadow, Chrome patina shimmer wash (new), Pewter Chrome eye shadow, Plum Steel metallic eye shadow, Plum Navy eye shadow, Crushed Granite sparkle eye shadow, Antique Gold metallic eye shadow (exclusive to this palette) and Black Topaz metallic eye shadow (new). Lip shades are all glosses and are Rave glitter, Soiree Pink, Iced Lilac glitter and Tinsel glitter.

bobbi brown christmas 2011 party eye palettes

Two warm and cool palettes are up next for €45 each, and might appeal more to as usable basics; again both are limited edition.

The Cool Party Eye Palette contains six shadows in the following shades: White eye shadow, Iced Blue metallic eye shadow,Rockstar metallic eye shadow, Sterling shimmer wash eye shadow, Gunmetal shimmer wash eye shadow and Onyx eye shadow. The Party Eye Palette contains browns and its tones are Bone shimmer wash eye shadow, Champagne Quartz metallic eye shadow, Pebble metallic eye shadow,  Pink Blaze sparkle eye shadow (new), Copper Sand shimmer wash eye shadow and Black Chocolate eye shadow.

bobbi brown christmas onyx palette

Another limited feller: this is the Onyx and Silver Eye Paint Palette, it’s €40 and it’ll be on counter in November. Tinsel, Blue Onyx, Silver and Lava are the shades of baked shadow which are super-pigmented as baked shadows can be. These can be used a variety of ways and come into their own when used wet, as eye paints – as y’know, the name suggests! This is joined by an equally limited sister, the Chocolate and Gold Eye Paint Palette, for the same price, also on counter in November.

bobbi brown christmas 2011

The limited edition Pastel Sugar Sparkle Quad, €35, is available now and isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste but some will love its sheer, shimmery and fun ways. Four candy colours are deliberately designed to leave a wash rather than a large dose of pigment on skin and colours are all new: Pale Turquoise sparkle eye shadow,  Orchid sparkle eye shadow, Halo sparkle eye shadow and Silver sparkle eye shadow make up the offering. It’s not one for me, but I’m sure it’ll have its fans.

I was definitely taken by the limited edition Party Shimmer Brick, €44.50. Isn’t that a gem? Two shades of highlighting powder in gold and silver remind us of what the festive season is really about – getting langers – and the powders feel smooth and creamy. Yum!

bobbi brown christmas 2011 party shimmer brick

And here’s a closer look. WANT.

bobbi brown christmas lip gloss trio

This here’s one of the Christmas stocking filler-type gifts (cocktail shaker and glass not included): it’s the limited edition Lip Gloss Trio, it contains three shades in Aubergine, Bare Sparkle high shine gloss and Pastel Pink high shine gloss and it’ll cost €24.

Bobbi Brown Christmas gifts and launches 2011

And the last pic from me today is this one: that big glossy, metallic silver feller is the Party Collection Deluxe Travel Kit, it’s €100 and it’s available now. A really nice piece for a beauty junkie with an organisational fetish, this zippy carrykit contains lots of compartments into which you can sort all your various bits and bobs. Limited edition, natch.

Some new makeup bits and bobs will be landing in November as well: those Dual Ended Eyeliners will be €24 and they’re kinda bombproof; I tried a couple on my hand at the press day and they were still there the next morning. And did wash, honest guv’nor. Shades’ll be jet/chrome, bronze/chocolate and caviar/gold.  Two new limited lip colours arrive as well: Party Rose and Party Alice, €25, will be your festive season pout companions.

There’s actually loads more: a Party Fragrance containing violet leaves, rose petals and sandalwood, €65, a couple of brush sets from €65 and two smartly clever Party to go Palettes, €36, which I didn’t get a good shot of, but which are really clever.  You get a compact little kit containing three shadows, two lipstick pans and a gloss in a tube which slots in and out – it’s compact, smart and really usable to boot. There’s also a nice-looking Black Ruby Sparkle shadow palette, €40, and some extra glosses landing in November.

Lots to look out for from Bobbi Brown over the next couple of months, so – what will you wishlist?

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28 Replies to "Bobbi Brown Christmas 2011: Pictures!"

  • Glamazon says:

    LOVE the lip colours in the ultimate party palette. This is a great one for those who missed out on the Chrome.

  • Adeline says:

    I WANT I WANT I WANT!! That first mega palette and the cool party one are beaauuuuutiful! Plus, you get real brushes instead of the little swabby things!

    I’m intrigued by the Chrome Patina shimmer wash from the first palette though – is it the same as their cream Chrome Patina shadow?

  • Ohhh. The party eye Pallette and the Party Shimmer Brick are so pretty…but I could probably only get one of them at those prices :(

  • Kirstie says:

    Adeline – can’t swear to it as I didn’t try it, but I think it’s one of those sheer glitter shimmers she does, the powder ones, if you’ve ever tried them?

  • Maj says:

    Is the deluxe travel kit only the case? No products?

  • Kirstie says:

    nope, case only!

  • Christine says:

    looking forward to seeing these when they are out! Just wondering will ye be reviewing the new Bobbi Brown Mineral Foundation? Thanks :)

  • Kirstie says:

    Christine – no, I don’t think so, sorry about that.

  • cch says:

    Saw them in HOF at the weekend, too… many… nice… things! Though if they wanted to “minimise cross-contamination of shadow fallout into gloss” surely they’d put the shadows on the bottom? Especially as I always have to dig into their shadows to get any sort of payoff so having that on little legs is a bit off putting as I’d be afraid of breaking them. Ah well, I think the Cool Party palette is top of the list at the moment anyway ;-)

  • Adeline says:

    @Kirstie – nope, I’ve not tried those, but it sounds like I should! I usually go straight to the cream shadows and gel liners because I’m obsessed with them, but it sounds I need to check out more options.. :P

  • Those palettes are absolutely gorgeous, am deffo gonna get one as a gift to my good self, that’s allowed innit?!

  • lainey316 says:

    Love the look of the shadows in the ultimate thingy, but the lipglosses put me right off.

  • littlesis says:

    Wow, they look beautiful. I have really stopped buying BB palettes though. I bought one last year and I really didn’t think it was worth the money. The fall-out from the glittery shadows was unreal and I didn’t think the pigmentation was fantastic either.

  • miffyonline says:

    I rarely use my Chrome palette, I found the shadows have very little pigmentation in them, and it’s a bit of a palaver to open and set up for use. I am not tempted by any of the above offerings and my wallet is particularly grateful for that too :)

  • Chris says:

    Pastel Sugar Sparkle Quad looks interesting. I am a little surprised to see bright shades in a Bobbi Brown palette. Pleasantly surprised. :)

  • Plenty says:

    I want ALL of it!!

  • StellarLas says:

    I usually skip over Bobbi Brown posts as her stuff is too subtle & understated for my tastes but I am so glad I clicked into this. That Eye Paint Palette is gorgeous, I will be purchasing! Can you give us any more details on the other colour palettes?
    Also loving the Shimmer Brick.

  • Fifibelle says:

    Love the look of this stuff, will have to have a good nosey at them though before I purchase….my wallet is very sad after the weekend :(

  • LoCo says:

    Nope not madly impressed by any of them. I have a few BB pallettes and I just do really get the use out of them and a lot of them recently look the same like the chrome one. Now the lipsticks and the shimmer brick is another story.

  • Cailín deas says:

    Like Christine, I would have loved a review of BB Mineral Foundation

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