Beyonce Pregnant, Also has Pulse Perfume in Gestation, Landing September

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Can’t wait for a peek at Beyonce’s new arrival? Well, for one of ‘em at least you won’t have to: her latest scent, Pulse, from €25.95, will arrive on counters in September. We’ll have to wait a few months more to check out the fruit of her and Jay Z’s loins but continuing the auld pregnancy and childbirth theme, Pulse looks a lot like it might be the love child of Thierry Mugler’s Angel and Bey herself, being all tall and Glamazon-alike. And em, blue.

Spritz-like, what’s the scent? It’s big, it’s splashy and it’s going to appeal to you if you went for Heat and Heat Rush, her two perfume predecessors. Note-wise, Pulse is a heady prospect which Coty is billing as a citrus floral gourmand. Anchored by orchids, there’s pear blossom, a Blue Curacao accord if you don’t mind, plus frosted Bergamot, bluebird orchid, peony midnight blooming jasmine, plus base notes of vanilla, musk and precious woods.

Psst: check out what happened when Coty put a pile of beauty journos into a room and got them to blind smell (and taste!) Pulse – it was fun, and some of us might have asked for a second cocktail too …

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12 Replies to "Beyonce Pregnant, Also has Pulse Perfume in Gestation, Landing September"

  • Feefurs says:

    Saw funny comment on Twitter this morning that said. ‘Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby will have everything, except a last name.’
    Har har

  • Love the bottle it’s really unusual, It dosent look tacky like some celeb purfumes can !!!

  • Lisa says:

    How come I didn’t look that glamorous when I was pregnant? Oh, right, yeah, am not Beyonce. Damn.

    Doesn’t sound like my kind of scent if it’s got even a hint of Thierry Mugler Angel to it, aka my most hated perfume. Bleurgh.

  • Kirstie says:

    Lisa – it’s a very young scent, very sweet. Definitely not aimed at anyone over 30 I wouldn’t think!

  • Lisa says:

    Yeah, I figured as much. I’ll be sticking to my SMELL OF SWINTON for all my celeb perfume needs, then.

  • Becky BK says:

    saw a funny one on facebook…heres the gist….
    person 1: it would be funny if they called the child sonny ….
    Person 2: Sonny Z i don’t get it!
    person 1: if her father has anything to do with it the child will be Knowles….maybe they could compromise and call the child Sonny

  • Kirstie says:

    just blurted out yet more tay onto keyboard

  • bwahahaahaa Had to read that about 3 times to get it Becky BK hehe

  • ceci says:

    This perfume doesn’t sound like something I would like, but have to say Beyonce looked so gorgeous and happy at the VMAs. Hope her pregnancy goes well.

  • LuLuBabe says:

    Loving Sonny Knowlez… I am sure I would hate this perfume, though.

    Beyoncé looks gorgeous as always, she is a stunningly beautiful woman. I’m already a bit tired of hearing about her pregnancy. Let’s hope she’ll be more classy about it than Mariah was…

  • krazygaga says:

    smelled this the other day. its availiblea few weeks in boots in omni center

  • krazygaga says:

    smelled this the other day. its already availible a few weeks in boots in omni center

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