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By Lynnie | November 29 2011 | 18 Comments

gaga nails at barneys

If you’ve got a spare $225 lying around the place and fancy getting your paws on some snazzy false talons from one of the world’s foremost nail artists, you’re in luck: that’s precisely the asking price for a set of limited edition stick-on nails created by Naomi Yasuda for GaGa’s Workshop, the popstar’s pop-up retail space at Barneys New York.

Don’t all rush together now, people. Stampedes are not cool.

Alternatively, you could just try your hand at my DIY version of the rather Christmassy ‘Flame’ design, created exclusively for if you don’t mind.

what you'll need

You’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • False nails that are quite a bit longer than you’d usually wear – “Short ‘n’ Sporty” won’t cut it here
  • Nail glue/adhesive tabs
  • Red glitter polish
  • Red rhinestones in a variety of sizes (I got mine in a craft shop)

To do:

gaga nails step 1

1. Select ten false nails that best fit your digits. Don’t worry that they rival X Factor contestant Misha B’s lone pointy index nail in length.

gaga nails step 2

2. Get busy with your scissors and snip vertically into the tips, removing roughly triangular sections of false nail to create the flame silhouette. For best results, vary the depth and angle of your cuts: you don’t want them to look too uniform. Also, ensure that none of the incisions are so deep that they’ll reveal your natural nail when you stick on the falsies.

gaga nails step 3

3. Paint the nails and allow to dry. I used two coats of Barry M Red Glitter, ensuring that I covered the cut edges of the flames as well as the false nail bed.

gaga nails step 4

4. Use nail glue to apply the rhinestones, placing a cluster of larger stones at each nail’s base and a sprinkling of smaller ones towards the tip.

gaga nails final

5. Affix to your natural nail with nail glue or adhesive nail tabs.

Those who actually like to use their hands or don’t fancy explaining their jagged red tips to everyone they meet can easily tone down the look simply by wearing the red glitter on natural nails, applying each rhinestone with a drop of clear polish rather than glue, and sealing the whole lot with a top coat.

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18 Replies to " How To: DIY GaGa’s Christmas Nails"

  • it’s actually amazing how alike you made yours look. Feck your $225 Barneys wha?

  • Aisling

    Fantastic work Lynnie – love it!

  • Jaysus, you’d have some job getting your tights on in one piece with those bad boys.

  • This could make going to the bathroom a really awkward task. I think i’ll stick to short square nails for now. But well done on the DIYing!

  • Stunning Lynnie, well done!

    Woe betide any itchy schnozzes though ;)

  • Lynnie, you’re just so good. Will you do the gold ones next????

    They’re cool and nuts at the same time.

    Personally I can’t function when I’ve a tear in my nail so I know these are definitely not for me.

  • That’s fantastic! Something to attempt on those long winter evenings I think.

  • Wow, these are a joy to behold. Wouldn’t wear them in a fit (I’d have my eye out) but love your work!

  • This is really clever! I admire your patience, these are far too much work for me.

  • That looks savage, I’d deffo have myself cut to ribbons on them, but they look great, what a great copy!!

  • They look amazing. Not in a million years would I spend 225 quid on a pair of stick on nails, even if I had euromillions type money!
    Not sure about their wearability but just the polish and gem stones would look really cool too.

  • Wow well done!! Yours are EXACTLY like the Barney’s version :O !!!

  • Even with a basecoat that barry m nail varnish is a mare to get off. Just a word of warning! :)

  • Is it just me or are the jagged edges really creepy?

    Not a fan of Gaga, but they do look a lot like the original nails. I like the red nail varnish though :)

  • Really impressive work!

    (Don’t let miss gilksos anywhere near these, she’ll have her other eye out!)

  • Lynnie, you’re a legend.

  • I was just thinking of doing this, but I would rather paint the flames on instead of cutting the tips. Great post and thanks for sharing.

  • I haven’t seen these anywhere and yay for giving us a tut :D !


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