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By Beaut.ie | November 22 2010 | 14 Comments

xpose haul

I was at Xpose Xmas Xperience (some name, wha?) on Friday for Prudence magazine and while I’d really never choose to go to a show like this off my own bat – I dunno, they just don’t appeal –  there were some beauty bargains to be had. And sure, as I was already there and I can’t resist an aforementioned beauty bargain, we can all see where I’m going with this.

The Bourjois stand seemed to be doing a roaring trade in Ciate bits and bobs as well as packing out the place with its five for €10 offer. I passed. Excited buyers were mobbing the place and everything looked messed up and disorganised due to the rummage levels.

xpose haul

Gosh was also present, doing three for €10. I spotted something … something interesting … that’d we’d gone mad for on the blog.

Yep, they were DISCOUNTING AND SELLING RAINBOW! I call this nothing short of madness.  We had so many reports of Beaut.ies not being able to find this super-coveted topcoat a few months ago following us blogging about it, so I am mystified as to why it was on offer when tons of you couldn’t get your hands on it full-price. Me? I tried Awear after Awear and chemist after chemist to get a bottle at the time, and came up with nothing.

Anyway, once my eyes stopped ‘boooinngggggging’ I got three. I don’t really know why. Hard-to-find polish lust struck, I guess.

I was glad to see Crown Brushes had put their recent bad Irish experience behind them and were selling at the show. There were so many different brushes on offer that it was quite mind-boggling but I got three eye tools for €15; two blenders and a smudgery (a technical term) one.

Why did I choose to add to my enormo brush collection, ladies? Well, I do like Crown Brushes as I’ve told you before, but the real reason was that I need to wash my other blending brushes and I can’t be arsed. Buying two new ones means I can put the dreaded task off for a little while longer. I know, I’m a genius.

That’s by no means all the beauty on offer – Millies.ie was selling Dermalogica and Bare Minerals, Fuschia had a nice big stand as did Tan Organic and there were teeth whitening and laser hair removal stands abounding too.

Did you go along at the weekend, and if so, what did you make of the beauty booty on offer?

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14 Replies to "Xpose Xmas Xperience – The Beauty Bits"

  • Karen says:

    Yeah that kinda show doesn’t appeal to me either, in saying that, I would’ve loved to have gotten some crown brushes, have heard some good things bout them and am always on the hunt for good quality cheap brushes :)

  • arlene says:

    Sounds like something I’d have enjoyed. Must keep an eye for the next one.
    In regards to Rainbow, I just don’t get it. When I apply it all I get is this greeny gold. It’s drivin me mad. What’s the secret? The best polish to apply it over? xx

  • Kirstie says:

    yeah, see I’d be reluctant to pay €20 of my own money for it cos only some things’d appeal. Like for example the above!

  • Kirstie says:

    Arlene – I actually really like it worn solo, a few coats layered over each other with just a basecoat beneath. I think some of the gals here were using it over very dark shades too. I mostly bought it BECAUSE I HAD TO HAVE IT!

  • arlene says:

    Aaaah the one way I HAVEN’T tried it. Will give it a whirl! xx

  • LuLuBabe says:

    Call me a self-hating woman, but I *loathe* those shows. I do the mini marathon every year and it pains me to have to run the gauntlet of the Women’s World show to pick up the registration – and would pain me more if I had to part with money to do so.

  • Kirstie says:

    LuLuBabe – not at all, horses for courses, innit?

  • LuLuBabe says:

    Xactly, Kirstie. But good on you for getting your hands on the Rainbow – I too tried and failed to locate it, probably a good thing as I spend waaaay too much time messing at my nails anyway!

  • Talkingpink says:

    Went along for the first time on Sunday, and I’ll never go back. I bought full price tickets in advance, then found out that they were being sold at 25% off closer to the event. It was as though we had paid €25 to be given the opportunity to walk into Arnotts, although the quality of the products on offer wasn’t nearly that of Arnotts; it was more in line with a street market. The highlight was the fashion show and the make up master class, although I wouldn’t have paid more that €10 to see these. I think that TV3 should be ashamed to be marketing the poor quality products available in such an appealing fashion, and to be charging such an extortionate amount for the privlidge of browsing through them.

  • JLo says:

    i got the tickets for free (thank god!) but I agree with the above comments, for €20 it was ridic, all u got was a glass of west coast cooler on arrival, no freebies or a goody bag or anything, and then a mediocre fashion show, and a stroll around stalls, 50% of which were pure crap!

    the bourjois stall had great deals but everything was mixed everywhere in random baskets, hard to find things, at least the gosh stand had the stuff organised properly, fab deals there, and i went when the actress Lea Arnold was there, and she gave everyone a freebie, so was 4 products for €10, pretty good!

  • Mini Molly says:

    I agree, defo wouldn’t of paid in. Much superior brands at it in previous shows. A lot of cheapy jewellery there. But did anyone see the jewellery organisers to hang on the back of your wardrobe. Genius! Individual see-through pockets to organise make up or jewellery. Bought a load of Crown brushes too…bargain!

  • OMG! says:

    Was at it yesterday and I was so disappointed by what was on offer. 26 euro and all I got that was useful was an eye shadow brush. It seemed like a lot of the things on offer could have been found at a street market, with the exception of the makeup master classes which were good and the crown brush stand, which I loved. To think TV3 are charging that kind of money for something that was worth about 10 euro max, is such a shame. I think the xpose ladies thought they were at Paris fashion week and were completely oblivious to the fact that the event was a total waste of money and bus fair out to the rds

  • Flame says:

    Ooh I found myself a bottle of rainbow in a local chemist a while back and grabbed it quick based on hearing about it here. I love it, have gotten many compliments on it, i like it over black, pink or red work well too, and one i really like is a creme sky blue colour i got from barry m, it reminds me of rainbows and blue skies! :D

  • mslusciouslaura says:

    Oooohhh! Kirstie! What are the serial numbers of the three brushes you got?!

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