We Love Free: Nails Inc & Diet Coke Collaborate

By Beaut.ie | May 6 2010 | 47 Comments

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Flake’s collaboration with Benefit was a recent master (mistress?) stroke of marketing – I’ve certainly never seen a beauty ad campaign go as viral as it did, so perhaps polish brand Nails Inc and Diet Coke were inspired?

However it came about, I have an inkling that you lot will like this little freebie a lot: for the rest of this month, right until  June 30th at participating Boots stores, if you buy two 500ml bottles of Diet Coke, you’ll get one of four specially-created Nails Inc shades for absolutely zero pee! Yup, free gratis.

I can totally see a frenzy-vortex beginning. From small ripples will come huge, massive, cyclonic desires to collect all shades in a kind of throw-back to our collective Panini sticker album-obsessed childhoods. Now! This instant!

You can choose from fash capital-inspired shades London (a nude), Paris (deep purple) Milan (a fiery Italian red) and New York (vibrant fuchsia pink), and as for availability, bigger Boots stores like Liffey Valley and Cork’s massive Half Moon Street branch would be my feeling stockist-wise – but hey, you never know, so check your local store for details.

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47 Replies to "We Love Free: Nails Inc & Diet Coke Collaborate"

  • Babaduck says:

    I am going to be positively WEEING Diet Coke as a result of this! Hope they have them in Fundrum tomorrow as Lulu will do her nut over 2 of the shades!

  • Aifs says:

    Oh FAN-TASTIC….as if my Diet Coke addiction wasn’t bad enough! What are they going to do next? Put MAC eyeshadows in packets of salt & vinegar Taytos? I’ll be the size of a house! Pity it’s not cans though….I do love my cans!

  • Hilary says:

    oooooooohhhhhhh let me out of this office I have a dreadful thirst on me all of a sudden!!!

  • Orlando says:

    Oooohh….oh, my….yes indeedy :)

  • Galway Girl says:

    Does anyone know if these are in Boots already? Worth taking a trip to a large boots for :)

  • Kirstie says:

    yup, they went in yesterday apparently.

  • Sparkle101 says:

    Brilliant!!! Would also prefer the cans but sure I’ll slum it for a bit!

  • Scarie says:

    Longford boots won’t have it :( They don’t stock Diet coke!

  • legalyblonde says:

    Between this, the Flake promo and Instyle’s free Nails Inc, I’ll the best made up student on the block!

  • Mags says:

    And next months Glamour magazine has more Benefit freebies, on sale June 10th. Bal gal eyeliner, eye bright and it stick, both concealer type products in pencil form. At least that’s what I think they’re for, ask Kristie to be sure!!

    There is supposed to be body shop butter with this months Marie Claire too but I haven’t seen that yet.

  • Scarie says:

    OOh I will be buying Glamour , maybe 2 copies!!

  • legalyblonde says:

    Mags – Will Glamour have all three of those?? Janey, thats decent value even for mini sizes!

  • Sarah says:

    Arg, was in boots yest but so rushed missed this!

    Bloody excellent marketing campaign, fair fecks to them!

  • BerG says:

    Thwy will be inundated with this offer. Can’t wait to get my hands on one or two or….

  • Kitty In The City says:

    Don’t like Coke of any type, and the Squeeze won’t drink the diet stuff. I’ll have to stick to naked nails.

  • Keila says:

    Marie Claire normally does good freebies, luckily as it’s the only big glossy mag I buy, but I’m sure they did the Body Shop butter not long ago? I still have it. Hate when they repeat freebies!

  • Babaduck says:

    Instyle are doing a free cloth Moschino tote in the next edition…

  • miffyonline says:

    Like I need another excuse to buy more Diet Coke – oops, I mean nail polish. Sign me up!

  • Mags says:

    @legalyblonde Only one per magazine so you’ll have to buy 3 magazines if you want all 3.

    I checked in Half Moon Street Cork at lunchtime today, they didn’t have this offer but they knew what I was talking about and said they would have it tomorrow, the stock was delayed somewhere.

  • Aine says:

    none in William Street, Limerick branch either and the shop assistants hadn’t heard anything about it :(

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