Warm Front: Beyonce Heat Fragrance to Launch

By Beaut.ie | July 21 2010 | 27 Comments

beyonce heat ring

Beyonce’s debut scent for Coty, Heat, launches in Ireland on August 1st, and while it’s not lighting my fire as a fragrance – but that’s mostly only because I’m just not a fan of woody, musky accords, and there’re a lot of those in there, as well as lots of sweet fruit and floral notes like magnolia, neroli, red vanilla orchid and blush peach – I’ve got props for the packaging, which is a antique-inspired carved-looking flacon that’s a lot prettier in real life than in pictures.

And what I also like is this: in a classic case of life imitating art, you can literally put a ring on it with this launch because there’s a solid perfume jewel available for a select few who’ll be lucky to bag one. A gold-coloured metal ring is topped with a big moulded plastic ruby gem for a take on the classic over-sized cocktail ring. Slide it to one side, and you’ve got a .75g fragrance balm beneath for top-ups on the go.

Sure, we’ve seen these before from brands like Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors but what Beyonce’s Heat ring has going for it is that it’s super-duper exlcusive – in fact, it’s only going to be available in Ireland as a FREE gift with purchase at a special launch night at Arnotts on July 29th, and again for a limited period at Christmas.

Oh, and it comes in a cute black patent pouch with ‘B’ shaped charm. Check  after the cut for a look at how the ring looks on my paws, and for some more details on that all-important launch night.

beyonce heat perfume ring

Pretty, eh?

The launch of Heat is exclusive to Arnotts and takes place from 5pm on the 29th, the scent will then hit stores nationwide from August 1st. Spin FM will be broadcasting live from from the store on the night and there’ll l be entertainment and spot prizes for customers too.

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27 Replies to "Warm Front: Beyonce Heat Fragrance to Launch"

  • Aine says:

    Ooh, gothic glam and your nails look great too!

  • BerG says:

    Whats the damage to procure one of these nuckle dusters.

  • hockeysticks says:

    How many monies ?

  • Kirstie says:

    girls, not being smart or anything so please don’t take it that I am, but maybe read the post …?

    It’s a GWP, available on the 29th at Arnotts, all info is above for you, apologies if it wasn’t clear enough.

  • Holly says:

    I just read this comment out to my brother who is absolutely OBSESSED with Beyonce, and he is ecstatic and is begging me to go to the launch night with him! He said to me “if you buy the perfume can I have the ring?” and when I said I wanted the ring he replied, “No it’s ok, I’ll buy the perfume for myself.” A true die-hard fan here!

  • Holly says:

    *Sorry, I mean I read out the post, my bad :)

  • hockeysticks says:

    How much is the perfume?

  • Kirstie says:

    My info states:

    Eau de Parfum:
    30 ml €25.95
    50 ml €33.95
    Body Lotion 200 ml
    FREE with every purchase (ooh!)

  • hockeysticks says:

    Thanks for that …

    so a lucky few will get the fab ring and a body lotion free?? woop wooop!!

  • pixiepompom says:

    Hi gal’s
    I was just wondering if it actually smells any good?
    It seems very inexpensive and I would like to try it but if it doesn’t smell great I may stick to my good and trusted Lola by Marc Jacobs. Another question my deary’s, on the launch night is it an invitation only event or can any plane Jane pop in?
    I love me a celebrity perfume (Kate moss,SJP,Paris hilton ohh! why no eau du Alexa Chung yet) and would love to mosey on down to the launch.

  • Kirstie says:

    Pixie – anyone can go, yep.
    scent-wise, I don’t like it as explained above, it’s just not got notes I like. If you like the Kate Moss scents you may well like it actually. It’s quite oriental, heavy floral, musky. It doesn’t smell exclusive and super-expensive to my nose but it wouldn’t, for the price and the market it’s aiming at. Sure pop into Arnotts and smell it for yourself!

  • BerG says:

    Kirstie: Thanks for the price list, did you do the nails special like, to match the ruby red ring. They look very glam.

  • White Rabbit says:

    Musky and woody…yummy!, just up my street :)

    The coctail ring is gorgeous too..but why do Arnotts have to do the launch on Sunday?? I can’t make Sunday :( But I guess that is my problem…will try again at Christmas..

  • Kirstie says:

    hheeh BerG – I did! It’s Nubar Cabaret Red, it’s gorge

  • Claireyana says:

    Is the 29th not next Thursday White Rabbit? Sounds like good fun I’ll be heading to this after work think I’ll get there early in case they run out of rings or something!

  • Holly says:

    Kirstie- Will you be at this event? Love the nails! I really hope I like the scent now

  • Kirstie says:

    Holly – I won’t, I have something else on that evening (in general my evenings involve blogging and not going to exciting beauty events!)

  • Holly says:

    Kirstie – Aw that’s a shame, I’m sure I’ll be dragged along by my brother but in this case I’m happy to oblige :)

  • pixiepompom says:

    thanks Kirstie xxxxxx
    I foolishly thought that the launch was on 29th of august don’t ask why and since its not I won’t be able to go as i will be in New York.
    Then i realized that this perfume launched in the states awhile ago so i can pick up a bottle while I’m there. Along with an overabundance of nyx cosmetics,Kat von d,Evian make up finishing spray, Kardashian tan and lots more. Does anybody have any recommendations on things I could buy beauty wise, when I’m there because I have been doing my beauty research and I must visit an Ulta they look amazing along with a Forever 21 store and I’m going to have to pick me up a new nude color pair of louboutins and a Marc jacobs bag. The price difference is actually ridiculous.Its kind of sick how much they rip us of here huh!
    but yup! any recommendations would be great!
    oh! and on the note of free gifts with purchase, I received the most amazing SJP NYC umbrella with a bottle of her fragrance about a month ago. It was by far the nicest umbrella I ever owned and while at at oxegen last week some super fashionable woman walked up to me and asked could she buy it of me ( this is a free gift where talking about) but yes it was by far the best gift I have ever received, and it made my tent easy to find when locating it at night while drunk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Donna says:

    pixiepompom, sorry no GaGa fragrance. Coty have confirmed this was a rumour and not true.

    No interest in the Beyonce. No doubt created by the company and just her name put on it. Its like a convevyer(sp)belt of stuff they all ready have in the lab. Whose name came we stick on it this week? Thought she was the Armani Diamonds face.

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