Smooth Operator: Sleek Storm i-Divine and Circus i-Divine Palettes

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sleek makeup i-divine palettes

Lets begin with a recap on Sleek cosmetics, shall we? For those of you not in the know, Sleek is a brand that began as a line for women of colour, and is best known for its affordable shadow palettes. Characterised by great, highly-pigmented and colour-varied offerings that cost so little you’re gasping at the price, I’ve had my eye on the brand for ages but of course, Sleek’s not available in the Republic of Ireland. Sigh. Sold primarily through Superdrug in the UK, it’s now finally available to us Irish ladies to buy online via the Sleek website, and for that I sing hosannas.

So of course I did buy online. Purely in the interests of research, natch.

sleek i-divine in storm

Given that their i-Divine palettes get so much love across the beauty blogosphere, I popped two into my basket: Storm, containing 12 very wearable neutrals from beige, brown, pale golds to copper, rose gold, burgundy plus a couple of night-time shades like a deep green, purple, metallic pewter and black. Textures are a mix of mattes and shimmer. Pans are smaller than your average Mac pot (God why must everything be compared to Mac? It drives me batty), the casing is nice and there’s a big mirror in the lid. So, the damage?


Yup. Imagine. EIGHT EURO AND FIDDY CENT for 12 good-quality shadows? It’s no wonder Sleek never moved into the Irish market – we’d descend upon it like the ravening overcharged horde we are, and stampede it to death. Quality-wise, I’ve only been playing with this for a couple of days so can’t do a full review yet, but pigmentation seems decent, the texture is smooth and the only downside I can see so far is that some of these shades are quite intensely shimmery.

sleek i-divine circus palette

I also got the limited edition Circus i-Divine palette to have a gander at how the brand does brights. This is quite frankly brilliant for the price. Mostly mattes in this one with  a couple of shimmers, again this is €8.50.  You get 12 loud shades, which are pretty much all you’ll ever need for those occasions when nothing but a chartreuse and red shadow mix will do. On such occasions, no one wants to pay €14 for a single shadow they know they’ll use rarely: enter the Circus i-Divine.

Anyway, I suspect I will also use this palette rarely, but am glad I have it just in case I have to attend an impromptu fancy dress party. Quality, based on my swatching, seems a little variable – some shades are more intense than others. But teenagers will a-bloody-dore this; anyone who loves proper, impactful brights will love this, as will anyone with a magpie taste for screaming shades.

sleek foundation testers

That’s not all Sleek sells – it makes noise about the fact it’s the only high-street brand to have 17 foundation shades on offer and so it also does small tester kits to allow you to try shades on for size before you commit to a full product. I got a Skin Revive Foundation Tester Kit in fair, above, containing five 2ml shades. The colossal cost of this item? €2. This is an ace idea that was no doubt inspired by mineral makeup companies, and more brands selling liquid foundations online should follow suit.

I’ll do some swatches next week, but now to the details: I placed my order on July 21st, it was dispatched on the 23rd, I got my well-wrapped and protected parcel on the 30th. That may not be representative of normal delivery times as my postman holds all my post (I get a lot of parcels!) and only lets me know it’s there once a week or so.  Postage to Ireland costs €5.99.

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23 Replies to "Smooth Operator: Sleek Storm i-Divine and Circus i-Divine Palettes"

  • Emz says:

    Picked up some Sleek bits up North at the weekend – fab blusher and tinted lip conditioner as well as a few pencils & all came in well under £20 – can’t wait to try them out!

  • fifibelle says:

    The Circus palette is great, God, you would want to be brave to wear some of the colours though

  • baby in a corner says:

    i usually don’t irrationally dislike things but i hate the criss cross pattern on the top of the shadows! these are amazing value though!

  • JLo says:

    i have the storm palette, picked it up recently on a trip to belfast after reading bout it on the forums here and was dying to try it out. on arrival home, fished it out of the bag and 1 of my fave eyeshadow colours (brown) had crumbled to pieces on the journey home and fell all over my cream carpet… argh!!

    but the other colours are faaaab, ive never worn eyeshadow primer (eeep) but they last yonks and give great colour.. I’m well impressed for the price, think it cos me like £6?

  • Holly says:

    This is well timed! My grandma is coming over from England and she told me she’d get me a couple of things from Superdrug :) I of course had to go for a Sleek Palette!

  • Holly says:

    babyinacorner I completely agree with you about the criss-crossing on the shadows! It makes it seem really cheap looking. If that wasn’t there it would look so much nicer!

  • cherryred says:

    i have the storm palette, love it!

  • cherryred says:

    i have the storm palette, love it!

  • legalyblonde says:

    Love the foundation testers thingy… Thats such a good idea!

  • lainey316 says:

    JLo, Emz, did you get it in Superdrug in CastleCourt? My friend has just suggested a road trip for Saturday… I think this post might be a sign I should go!

  • SJP's Missing Mole says:

    They look like wee American waffles! God though, great value. Wish now I’d paid attention to the brand when I was over in the UK a while back. I saw it but paid no heed. Grrr….

  • Emz says:

    Lainey – no, I got it in the Superdrug on Ann Street!

  • Karen Quinn says:

    Love these palettes, have the original one and the storm one, great staying power with a bit of shadow insurance underneath, also like the mix of mattes and shimmer,the storm one at the minute is my go to everyday palette.

    Lainey316, both the superdrug in Castlecourt and Ann Street have a Sleek stand, the Castlecourt is a bigger shop though and stocks more variation of brands including Sue Moxley, Bloom, MUA, MEMEME and a larger Gosh stand. There is also a more dedicated perfume section in the Castlecourt one.

  • Kitty In The City says:

    Any chance it’s in the Superdrug in Omni?

  • Kirstie says:

    Kitty – pretty sure it’s not here at all. I got in touch with sleek a good while ago to ax them about Ireland plans and they have none. Could be worth a call though.

  • JLo says:

    Lainey, yup i got it in the castlecourt one, they’ve a big enough selection in there, lotsa other brands too, definitely worth a trip!

  • Cee says:

    Its not in Omni, unfortunately. I got the Original and Storm palettes via relatives in England. They are well worth the £4.

  • Shorty says:

    When I was in London recently I picked up a Sleek gel eyeliner, I can’t remember the exact price but it was really reasonable and just as good as any Bobbi Brown or Mac gel liner, I’ve been raving about it for the last few weeks!

  • Susan says:

    Emz – thanks! I live in Belfast and hadn’t even found that Sleek counter


  • lainey316 says:

    thanks all, will have a look so on Saturday in castlecourt

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