Rules of Concealment: How do you do yours?

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Concealer’s a tricksy business, isn’t it? Trying to find one that’ll zap yer zits, mask redness and camouflage the tell-tale signs you had 90 scoops last night is not an easy task, but if you do manage it, then you’ve got the thorny question of the order in which you’re meant to apply it to deal with.

Makeup maven Bobbi Brown insists it should be done first, as that way she reckons you use less foundation and achieve a more natural look.  It makes sense, sure. I understand the rationale and nodded along when it was explained to me.

But lots of other makeup artists conceal second after applying foundation and I have to say, this is generally what I do too, unless it’s very warm and I know foundation will slide off in about two seconds flat.  The idea behind the do-it-after approach is that your base makeup will probably take care of the majority of what you want to cover, and anything that needs a more heavy-duty hand – like dark circles – can be addressed last.

What do you do, though? Lets rate our concealer preferences in the comments!

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49 Replies to "Rules of Concealment: How do you do yours?"

  • Twinkletoes says:

    I would be very much of the conceal-afterwards persuasion. Your base will take care of minor blemishes anyway, so you probably don’t need to conceal them, and then also if you do it first would it not get all smudged and rubbed off by your base application anyway? Seems mad to me.

  • gracepearl says:

    Yep FOUNDATION FIRST for me.. I’ve tested both ways out and I prefer putting concealer on afterwards if I am using a liquid foundation..dunno why exactly but I do. Sometimes i just use concealer and then wack on some mineral foundation over the top for a lazy day.

  • Cait says:

    I have always had fairly spotty skin. At no stage in my life has it been clear, so concealing is important business to me and I tried both ways. I agree Twinkletoes – I always found that if I conceal first then I wipe away all the carefully applied concealer when putting on my foundation, no matter how careful I am.

  • Annie H says:

    If using liquid foundation I always conceal afterwards but if using mineral powder I conceal first. I just love my Erase Paste :)

  • eiresarah says:

    I’m definitely on Team Conceal-Afterwards. Otherwise I reckon I’d waste heaps of time concealing stuff that would be covered by foundation anyway. Also, how does the concealer not get smooshed off by your foundation brush if you do it first?

  • ShellBelle says:

    I conceal afterwards as I like to use as little concealer as possible. I put on the foundation first and then concealer only where I need it. I love Babs Daly for Tesco concealer and Benefit’s ooh la lift under my eyes to address the 90 scoops last night issue.

  • Olaola says:

    I hardly ever wear foundation, so just apply my concealer and then powder it for staying power. But on those rare occasions when I do put on the foundation, it always goes on BEFORE the concealer! Like the other girls said, I too find that if you do it the other way round, all of the carefully applied concealer just smudges all over the place..

  • razzle dazzle says:

    I’m using tinted moisturiser at the moment so i conceal afterwards!

    Would love if people put up the type of concealer that they use!

    I use Mac select concealer but I’m dying to try bobbi browns new eye brightener!

  • Essjay23x says:

    I always conceal after my base and often after my eye make up and fallout. I usually only conceal the lines around my mouth, dark circles under my eyes and occasionally a line down my nose. I never conceal spots. I just leave them alone maybe a touch of whatever base I’m using and that is it. If I ignore them, they’ll go away. . ,right?! ;-)

  • Essjay23x says:

    Just saw the comment above, Benefit Erase Paste. A lot of people say it is too thick and creamy for under the eyes but I lovve it!

  • Olaola says:

    razzle dazzle, I use Armani Precision concealer, it’s the best I’ve ever tried. Or shall I say, I had been using it before running out and finding myself with no money for a new one…
    Replaced it with a Rimmel Recover one which I thought would be a good budget buy, but boy, do I miss Armani! There is no comparison whatsoever not only between Armani and Rimmel, but also any other ones I have ever used (Clinique, YSL, Estee Lauder, Helena Rubinstein, MAC…).
    So I’m saving up for my beloved one again ;)

  • Emz says:

    Think I’m the only one so far besides Bobbi herself (hee hee) but I always use concealer first then my foundation – I used BB concealer & love it!

  • PinkPanther says:

    Always conceal after if at all. I rarely need it after I’ve put foundation on. maybe if I’ve a particularly bad spot. But then the concealer always dries around it and makes it even more noticeable. I’m jsut not a fan

  • White Rabbit says:

    First foundation, then the concealer! I use Clinique concealer.

  • Miss Scarlet says:

    Depends on the foundation for me… usually I’ll conceal after foundation, but I found when using Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation that concealing before worked pretty well too. I’m currently using MAC Studio Sculpt concealer, me likey :)

  • chivas says:

    Afterwards and then set it in place with powder. Used Mac for ages but was then converted to YSL Touch Eclat seeing as Dublin airport sell for €20 and I’m loving it :)

  • cristabelle says:

    So exactly what is the 8 year old girl in the picture trying to conceal??? ha ha ha. She wouldn’t know problem sin if it attacked her!
    FOundation first! As Kirstie says, it conceals a bit itself so you use less concealer then and as a person that suffers from problem skin – the less product put on, the better. Too much conclealer etc clogs pores more & can make the skin look creppy.

  • miffyonline says:

    Hmm, with loose mineral foundation (Everyday Minerals) I always buff in the concealer first. My primary area to conceal is redness in the cheeks and I find this works best.

    With liquid foundations (currently BB Skin Foundation or Maybelline Dream Satin) I usually apply it first and then use BB Foundation Stick as concealer where needed.

  • sweetie says:

    Essjay23, I never use concealer on the blemishes too, think it just makes them stand out even more :S I do pat a tiny bit of foundation on teh spot tho and let it dry up just a bit, then just blend teh edges, and voila, no need to worry about concealer being the wrong shade :)

    In the middle of a search for the new undereye concealer. Erase Paste and BB Eye Bright will be teh first ones on teh list to try, and also will check Becca out… Oh, and thanks to olaola, I’ll just have to give the Armani one a go ;)

  • Susan says:

    I always put the foundation first & then the concealer. I have a fair few spots that rear their ugly heads – try and see how much my foundation will cover before the concealer has to be taken out. Plus I agree with the others who’ve said the foundation just wipes away the concealer.

    Favourite one at the min is Dior’s Sculp . Find it blends well with my foundation & lasts the day. Just seen on the UK Dior site though that they do a Nude concealer which may have to try as that’s my foundation. Use the Skin Flash as well for round my eyes.

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