Cover Up: Rimmel Stay Matte Dual Action Concealer & Match Perfection Concealer

By Lynnie | June 30 2010 | 16 Comments

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I’m a big fan of Rimmel nail varnish and am partial to a number of their mascaras, I find that I don’t get on all that well with their foundations and, until very recently, wouldn’t have been cracked about Rimmel concealers. That’s because I was judging all their concealer offerings on the performace of Hide The Blemish, that super-thick camoflague number which is probably most schoolgirls’ first foray into the wonders of concealment.

So it’s fair to say that I wasn’t overly excited at the prospect of trialling Rimmel’s Stay Matte Dual Action Concealer, €6.92, and Match Perfection Concealer, €6.99. Despite their names, I was expecting them to be as unwieldy and greasy as their predecessor.

Happily, they’re not.

Stay Matte is a two-in-one jobbie that promises to conceal and heal blemishes without clogging pores. The green inner core treats the offending article and helps to hide redness, while the concealer-coloured outer effectively covers any evidence of its existence. While I haven’t been able to put Stay Matte’s spot busting abilities to the test just yet, I can tell you that it’s nice and blendable, provides good coverage, and didn’t dry out my skin.

Match Perfection is similarly multi-tasking, as Rimmel say that it’s an under-eye concealer and highlighter in one. This comes in a squeezy tube with a brush on the top, quite like a lipgloss, and it’s supposed to adapt to your skin tone. Apparently, is also contains an oxygen complex to let skin breathe. Now, it did an impressive job of hiding my dark circles and brightening my eye area without settling into fine lines, but eh I can’t vouch for the oxygen thing!

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16 Replies to "Cover Up: Rimmel Stay Matte Dual Action Concealer & Match Perfection Concealer"

  • fifibelle says:

    Right off to Boots with me for both of these. Have a shameful confession…my name is Fifibelle and I still use Hide the Blemish (and I haven’t been a teenage girl for a long time).

  • Janeymacd says:

    I am having issues with concealers! They don’t work for my dark circles! I’ve tried loads, but most recently Touch Eclat, the L’Oreal touche eclat dupe, mac, avon. Nothing seems to hide my dark circles :( they work fine on blemishes and such, but it seem I have permenant marker circles! My next one was going to be bobbi brown’s one that comes with powder too, its supposed to be magical, but then, so was touche eclat! I don’t know if I’ll give these a go though, I’ve a feeling I would be underwhelmed!

    • Niamh says:

      Have you considered using a correcting concealer? They work brilliantly and brighten the eye so well, if you have pale skin go for ones with a peach, salmon or light pink colour, they counteract the blue and purple tones of dark circles. I use the MeMeMe Correct and Perfect, it’s a peachy colour and works so well. You can then apply a little concealer on top if you feel you could do with more coverage :)

  • katie says:

    oooh, must try the concealer in the tube thing, been using touch eclat on my dark circles for 2 yrs because everyone says it’s amazing but (dare i say it??) i don’t actually find it that good – i just wasn’t sure what was better that i could afford (i get touch eclat for £16 online/in UK and that’s really a lot of money for me to spend on a single item of make up) so must give the rimmel a whirl!

  • macloon says:

    janeymacd – I’m in the same boat! Brutal dark circles. I tried the BB one that comes with the powder (it was a friend’s and I was after a few glasses of vino) and I thought it was magic and rushed out to buy it.

    However when I got it home, as such, I found that it’s not great for the under-eye area as it does settle into fine lines – it’s a very thick and creamy formulation. And the powder is certainly not suitable for the under eye area as it gathers and makes you look ancient and wrinkly. It’s probably great as an ordinary concealer though!

    Try before you buy would be my advice

  • Christina says:

    I dont’ think Touche Eclat is really a heavy-duty concealer, more of a highligter to use for brightening up the under eye area, but not really to hide very dark circles.

    I have to say I have a problem with concealer: it looks fine when I put it on first, but within a few hours it makes the skin around my eyes look very wrinkled and can look very heavy. Sometimes, when the rest of my make-up has faded away, the concealer is still going strong, and can look very obvious and nasty.

  • ince says:

    Girls with dark circles under eyes- maybe you should go and have a chat with your GP re this- as far as I know this could be a sign that something is not functioning right in your body? Just a suggestion..

  • rubytuesday says:

    I’ve had pretty much no sleep over the last few weeks, and grabbed that (I think) garnier caffeine eye roll-on think with concealer – it’s surprisingly good – normally hate putting concealer under my eyes as it always feels too heavy & emphasises fine lines, but this one does make me look a lot more presentable, specially if I keep it in the fridge!

  • rubytuesday says:

    Sorry, meant eye roll on ThinG, and I think it’s a garnier/loreal product – see, lack of sleep…

  • Fee says:

    Emm.. isn’t it Match Perfection?

    Was on one of the Boylan & Balfe make-up courses and they said that Touche Eclat is the biggest swizz going. I’d already switched over at that point to Lancome Effacernes concealer which they were recommending instead. It is good, the lightest shade is great for the porcelain amongst us. It does settle in the big crease I have under each eye (puffy eyelids) but I haven’t found anything that doesn’t. Bought the Guerlain equivalent of TE on a Stansted spree in January and I do like it better than TE. It’s more pink than peach. (Sorry, can’t remember what it’s called as all Guerlain products seem to have ridiculously long names! Light Something Something :))

  • Lynnie Lynnie says:

    Arf! Yes it is Fee, thanks, have updated it now. Obviously had matte on the brain writing this!

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