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Rate it: best cleanser

By Aisling | September 6 2010 | 76 Comments

A young lady washing her face

After mascara and foundation the subject closest to our Beaut.ieful little hearts is cleanser.

Cleanser matters. We’ve said it before and we’ll never stop saying it. If you don’t have a decent cleanser your skin will suffer, particularly if you wear makeup. When you love makeup you’ve got to have something pretty great to wash it off with every day or you’ll end up with blocked pores, dull skin and – gasp – areas of congestion. I love cleanser so much I have tons of different bottles cluttering up the bathroom cabinet – gel cleansers, oils, creams

So whether you’re a hot cloth cleanser addict, a foaming facewash lover, or a cleansing oil devotee let us know which one you rate!  And also tell us what type of skin you have so others can pick up your tips!

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