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At last Naked Rollercoaster Record Broken

By Aisling | August 13 2010 | 12 Comments

If you get a little bit sick in your mouth reading about this I am not to be held responsible

At long last that most important of records has been broken: the most people to take a roller-coaster ride in the nip. People are going mad lately doing things in the nude. In this case the excuse was charadee.

102 people joined a merry queue of nudity to jiggle, sweat and scream their way through a roller-coaster ride in Essex recently. The previous record was held by Alton Towers which boasted a paltry 32 nude souls in 2004. The mind boggles at the fact that the record remained uncontested for six long years -  seeing as how Spencer Tunick, for example, can round up literally thousands of souls at the drop of a hat to take part in one of his ort installations.

The roller coaster had to take three trips to accommodate all the willing nudes. Can you imagine the sweat and slime on the seats on the third trip? I can only hope for the sake of hygiene that people had brought a little bottle of spray Cif or whatever to kill all known germs dead.

And just imagine if you were sitting beside a gentleman who got a little too excited by the er ride. You’d definitely need your little spray bottle then to give him a good cold squirt and stop any germs from rising then eh?

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