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Magazine of Yore: More’s Beauty Spreads Bring Tears to Eyes

By | May 20 2010 | 35 Comments

more beauty page

Big thanks to Babaduck for YouSendit-ing a whopper of a file to me recently: a perfectly PDF’d copy of More magazine from 1990. Not so much a product of yore as a magazine of yore, eh?

Now, 1990 doesn’t really seem that long ago to me, but er, it’s actually 20 years. Yikes.  And how things have changed – I mean, look at the state of that makeup! It’s a wonder, looking back, that my big love of beauty was based on gick-looking products like that: teenagers these days don’t know they’re born, wha?

Want to see a few more revolting-looking products and ads from back in the day? Check after the cut!

more beauty


more beauty spread

THE HORROR #3 (though in fairness it’s more the graphic design that’s offending my eyes here)

curly perm!


Oh, if only Clairol still sold items to give one the effect of a curly perm.


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