Oh baby it’s cold outside. January 2010 – The Weather: Discuss

By Aisling | January 11 2010 | 48 Comments


Enough already with the snow and the ice and the freezing and the temperatures in the double minus figures.

I’ve had it.

Frustration caused by slipping on pavements, hours stuck in the car and severe cabin fever culminated this weekend.

I had to cancel a Big Night Out on Saturday – one which had been much looked forward to, hair planned, new dress bought. Because of the bloody snow. And then the pipes froze upstairs. Which meant no water. No showers, no toilets flushing.

Are you sick of the snow yet?

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48 Replies to "Oh baby it’s cold outside. January 2010 – The Weather: Discuss"

  • razzle dazzle says:

    I was sick of it the week running up to Christmas. words can’t describe how I despair of it now.

    The biggest thing for me is the icy death trap roads and pavements. Haven’t had any pipes freeze thank god. Also all the wildlife are in dire straits trying to get grubbola. It’s awful.

    Sorry to end on bad note but I heard it’ll thaw somewhat at the end of the week but freezing weather will continue well into Feb. :-(

  • Princess Lisa says:

    I’d be happy if I never saw snow again! The week leading up to Christmas I slipped on the pavement and hurt my shoulder and hip and on Sat a car skidded coming against me and crashed into the front of my car :-( I am now too afraid to walk or drive on the ice! The only plus thing is that my car is undriveable so am working from home today.

  • roxette says:

    God yeah enough already with the stupid dangerous weather. Even one of my poor pupsters has a chesty cough! Poor little mite. Ive been letting them stay in the house during the day as they do not like the cold!
    The birds are ravenous at this stage. Doing my best to feed them but its hard cos the pupsters keep scaring them off.

    Thankfully i only fell once but Mr Roxette fell a few times in the city centre and is now decorated nicely in bruises.
    A friend of mine fractured her elbow and will more than likely require surgery!

    On the upside i got a few days off work but havent seen friends in a couple of weeks now as i havent been able to get to dublin.
    But i was cheered by the fact i won a johnsons hamper from you lovely ladies :) thanks so much.

    My aunts pipes froze and she hasnt had water in a week!

  • Babaduck says:

    My hair is mangy because of this weather – I was meant to go to Lil Sis to get my colour done on Saturday but her pipes froze so I am now considering wearing a hijab until next weekend :lol:

  • ceci says:

    Oh I am so sick of the weather. My skin is wrecked from it being so cold. I haven’t been able to drive since before Christmas because I am a learner and am petrified of driving on the icy roads. Trains are delayed every day and I am sick of being like Bambi walking around Dublin pavements!!!!

    On the plus side, we had no burst pipes or heating disasters so I am thankful for that. I don’t mind if the weather stays a bit cold, but I just want this snow/ice/sludge mix to disappear!!

  • Button says:

    I love it! All the snow and drama…and I haven’t heard the ‘R’ word (recession)in weeks now!

    I went to my local on Saturday night and it was a brilliant night, everyone was in great form, it was packed and we had a massive snowball fight after.

  • MsSittingatherdeskandpretendingtowork says:

    It’s nice to hear that other people’s pipes froze too!

    Babaduck, I’m tempted to get the Hermes scarf out and try and do it Grace Kelly style. I’m MANKY!

  • Gee Gee says:

    I don’t mind the cold but I’m hating the ice and snow etc now. I haven’t fallen (yet) but I’ve had so many near misses that I’ve jerked my left knee and some in my right leg from my ankle and up along my calf… Not a happy bunny.

    I’m getting sick of not driving too, cos I’m also a learner driver and I just don’t want to chance it.

    Plus the weather wrecked havoc on my hair, had to get it cut on Saturday and I’m starting to get dry patches of skin, not impressed. Also I’ve had a cold since sometime in December and its just not going away… And is anyone else just constantly wrecked?

  • Glamazon says:

    Sounds awful for many of you. We haven’t had any snow – just some really hard frosts and one day of ice. I was really hoping for snow for my son – just for a day but it looks like it won’t happen now.

  • sevda says:

    There’s a bit of a thaw here in Limerick – car read +.5 which is the first time I’ve seen + for weeks.

    Once I don’t have to travel too far/my pipes don’t freeze I’m fine with the weather, I did venture out to the local shop for paper alright. So I plonked myself on sofa and watched loads of TV in front of fire. Twas great.

    I do feel sorry for the animals though.

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