Jane Iredale Mystikol Powder Eyeliners Make a Smokey Eye Easy

By Beaut.ie | November 9 2010 | 4 Comments

jane iredale mystikol

Anything to make creating a smokey eye easier is always something I’m gonna want to take a look at. Mac’s Greasepaint Sticks definitely did the trick nicely; but Max Factor’s Smoky Eye Effects were a big fat let down.

New from mineral brand Jane Iredale are five Mystikol Powder Eyeliners at €22.75 a pop, which are also designed to make sexy smudgy eyes a cinch.  With a dark shade down one end and a highlighter up at the other, use one to line around the eye and the other to add some highlighting in near the nose or on the brow bone.

Shades are good: choose from Malachite (A sparkling moss with buttery beige), Amethyst (Royal purple with luxurious pearl), Dark Topaz (Rich brown with velvet rose), Lapis Lazuli (Vibrant blue with shimmering ivory) or Onyx (Otherworldly black with creamy pearl).

Needless to say, descriptions in brackets are the brand’s own.

Because I haven’t seen these with my actual eyes and am going on the pictures, it took me a bit of figgerin’ to work out how these can be used. I think that they’re quite like an ArtDeco product which is also double ended and consists of a wand with a sponge applicator on each end – like last week’s Bare Minerals High Shine Eye Colour – and two reservoirs of powder colour which attach to said ends and screw on and off.

Needless to say, because Jane Iredale is a mineral brand, you’re getting goodies in the formulation and these are hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, formulated with skin care ingredients and safe for sensitive eyes.

Whaddya think? Do these appeal?

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4 Replies to "Jane Iredale Mystikol Powder Eyeliners Make a Smokey Eye Easy"

  • Makeupaddict says:

    I actually love the look of them , and think that the formula sounds great but for over 22 quid a pop i think i might have to leave it :/

  • Aisling Aphrodite says:

    actually like the look of these – would like to see them with my actual eyes too!

  • Karen says:

    I would love to see them with my actual eyes to see if they would be v messy to use :)
    Nice idea to have the shadow on one end and the highlighter on the other.

  • kltoddie says:

    I love the New <id eyeliner thingys as they make eyeliner/smokey eye easy for a klutz like me: long slanted eyeliner end (as opposed to pencil point) and sponge bit / eye shadow resevoir at other end for smudging/smokin'.


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