Daring eyeshadow combo sported at teen disco: the joy of first wearing makeup in public

By Aisling | May 12 2010 | 60 Comments

I remember distinctly the first time I wore makeup in public.  I was twelve and going to a school disco.

The makeup consisted of an old cast off Cover Girl eyeshadow duo of Beaut.ie Mammy’s containing the dis-gusting and totally unflattering combo of lemon yellow and navy blue.  So yes I must have applied what looked like a bruise to my eyes.  I had no mascara, so vaseline was used to spike my lashes.

And that was it!  Ready in seconds I put on my new batwing sweater (well it was the eighties) and went downstairs to be greeted with stifled laughter and raised eyebrows.

“Are you wearing makeup?” asked Beaut.ie Dad – more in surprise than disapproval.  I attempted to look as though I knew not what he could possibly mean.

“Ah leave her” said Beaut.ie Mammy. “Sure a bit of eyeshadow never hurt anyone”.

Readers I was the envy of my friends.

I have no idea what actually happened at the disco – lots of unrequited crushing I would imagine – but I’ll never forget that first act of makeup wearing outside of the dress up box.  Do you remember your first time?

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60 Replies to "Daring eyeshadow combo sported at teen disco: the joy of first wearing makeup in public"

  • Kirstie says:

    ha ha,I rember this combo. I also recall one you had from collection 2000, a dark brown and a lighter brown, which I always used to nick.

  • Sha Sha says:

    I wore orange eyeshadow on top and blue on the bottom complete with tide marks,white eyeliner and frosted pink lipstick..a total ride i was..must be said though yellow can look brilliant on blue eyes..

  • MrsGoldengirl says:

    Indeed I do! It was 1975 – my friends 13th birthday – I ‘borrowed’ my mother’s yardley eyeshadow. It came in a bottle with a brush to apply it with. It was green. So we applied it to our eyelids not realising we were supposed to blend it in! Spent the rest of the rest with my lower eyelid constantly sticking to my upper eyelid! Thought we were only massive!

  • BerG says:

    I think i ventured out in eye liner and some Body shop lip balm, and max factor pan stick, at a school concert rehersal. I was also sporting dark jeans and a pink and white batwing jumper, which i thought was the height of sophistication at the time.

    Was also remembering recently my graduation to proper perfume as opposed to the Body Shop, White Musk Oil used in school. The first perfume i purchased was Chacharel, Anais-Anais, and i thought i was the bees knees. Perfumes have come a long way since then.
    A friend of mine swears that when she worked on B&I boats, during summer months she got asked for a bottle of Anus-Anus from a customer. We used to howl with laughter at that one.

  • daiseeboo says:

    hehehe yellow eyeshadow. I do indeedy remember my first time. I think I was about 14 (I was always a bit late to the party) and going to some sort of gathering in Inis Feils(sp?) with my friends. I arrived in my friends bedroom sans make up and was quickly instructed to go to my friend by the mirror ‘cos she’s the best at putting on make up’. Some Pan Stick a bit of Rimmel powder (I think) and some Heather Shimmer lipstick and I was a little ride I tells yiz. She really was very good at putting on make up God bless her. I swiftly purchased my first stash after that night and have been addicted ever since

  • daiseeboo says:

    Oh BerG I forgot about the Body Shop White Musk oil, we all used to have a bottle on go. Between that and Heather Shimmer the Body Shop and Rimmel made a fortune just off our group alone. Was very jealous of a girl in my class who always had a bottle of Anais Anais in her school bag, she also had a swimming pool out her back in a pool house, what a show off bitch :lol:

  • Sha Sha says:

    first real perfume was lou lou..my husband still loves it,says it “brings him back”..i however shall be sticking with my coco madmselle.But one girl i knew bathed in POISON…bleugh….

  • BerG says:

    Daisee: I seem to remember the Heather shimmer or similar pale pinky white on the lips. Also lots of Constance Carroll products were added to the stash along the line. Wonder do they still do them.

  • Kirstie says:

    yep, a chemist up the road from me sells constance carroll!

  • meluia says:

    Oh ya – caked in rimmel powder so I look like a ghost, heather shimmer lippie and sunflowers perfume

  • BerG says:

    Kirstie:- Ah yes, Constance Carroll brings me back. Anything worth reviewing on that stand. Haven’t come across the stuff for yonks.

  • sweetie says:

    :D I don’t remember first time I actually wore makeup – I bet I was 5 and proud wearing my mommy’s baby blue eyeshadow that she let me keep on for one or another family do ‘Ahwww, isn’t sweetie looking nice today’ – I can hear my aunties saying :)
    My proper first makeup item was a Nivea Beaute mascara when I was 14. First fragrance was blue de Puig perfume that smelled like Issey Miyake. Oh, and I do remember my first nail polish – Constance Carroll, as it happens, absolutely magnificent fuchsia pink with blue shimmer. I was 13, me thinks – my polish addiction started early :) For some reason mama sweetie did object to makeup at such a tender age, but screaming fuchsia nail polish was OK in her books …

    Ah, the memories :D

  • Tigerlily says:

    Oh god remember Sunflowers perfume? I used to think I was the height of sophistication with that and my heather shimmer and I used Rimmel Hide The Blemish as a foundation somehow!

    Do Rimmel still make heather shimmer I wonder?

  • sweetie says:

    Tigerlily, apparently they do :)

  • Aifs says:

    Yep – Max Factor pan stick too that I’m pretty sure I stole from my sister. Natural Collection sparkley loose lilacy eye shadow. I think Maybelline mascara and I’m afraid to say I bought 2 lippies in the pound shop one day! I still have one for old time’s sake. It is ridiculous!! It’s super light pink and really opaque! A pinky sudocream look!! I also had a ‘deadly’ no. 17 limited edition push up lippy! It was lilac! I still have it! (Never use it don’t worry!) I had a couple of perumes like Fetish, Exclamation, So?…inspired, Oilily (which I still love and buy) and a Monsoon one which was gorgeous…

  • ceci says:

    Oh heather shimmer, myself and all my friends wore that. And that white musk crap from the Body Shop, the smell now turns my stomach. We also doused ourselves in stuff that I think was called So! or Exclamation!

  • Tigerlily says:

    I loved Oilily perfume!

    I must investigate a rimmel stand next time I’m in boots and check out the heather shimmer – for nostalgia purposes only of course!

  • sweetie says:

    Tigerlilly, you can, of course, team Heather Shimmer up with dark lip liner – for nostalgia purposes only of course ;)

  • Emz says:

    Can’t exactly remember the first time I wore make up but I know it would have been Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish in Toasty Beige which was “borrowed” from my friend’s mother, brown Collection 2000 eyeshadow duo teamed with Heather Shimmer & some random mascara!
    I too loved LouLou perfume!!

  • Tigerlily says:

    We should organise a Beaut.ie party where we do our faces like our 13 year old selves. Heather shimmer all round! Its funny though, you don’t see today’s 13 year olds donning dodgy eyeshadow and questionable lipstick or even crappy perfumes. They have it so easy now lol!

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