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Burning Questions: Would You Wear A Tan-Gro?

By Lynnie | March 19 2010 | 8 Comments

Oh, how I giggled when I saw those adult baby-gros in Penneys around Christmas time. You know the ones: about a tenner, ten foot long to accomodate sudden growth spurts, made of fleecy stuff to keep you cosy. They even had feet to make sure that your lickle toesies wouldn’t get cold. Well, I sniggered harder still when people earnestly sang their praises to me, recommending them over Slankies/Slankets/Snuggies for a spot of light couch surfing.

It did occur to me, though, as I gasped for breath in between bouts of laughter, that these abominations might be good for something: keeping freshly-applied tan from staining your bedsheets. Ultimately I thought they’d probably be too warm to actually sleep in, not to mention that unless you’re extremely tall you’d most likely kill yourself by tripping over their crazy long legs while going up or down stairs.

And, obviously, your other half might not be all that into seeing a grown woman in an oversized baby-gro.

So I didn’t actually invest in one myself. Still, I reckon they’d be better suited to the job – not to mention more attractively priced – than the Tangro itself. Oh yes, it’s a real thing, and is basically an all-in-one baggy jumpsuit that costs a mahoosive €43. And you don’t even get a garment with feet for that price!

So since that’s clearly terrible value, what I want to know is this – would you wear a onesie to bed while your fake tan develops?

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