Are You in Sleep Debt? Clarins Multi-Active Night Youth Recovery to the Rescue!

By | March 31 2010 | 14 Comments

I popped along to the Sugar Club last night to check out the launch of Clarins new Multi-Active Night Youth Recovery cream, which is designed to be the evening companion to the recently reformulated Multi-Active Day line. By the by, I do like how the brand improve and betterise their products as opposed to just discontinuing them – one serum is on its 6th generation, if I’m not mistaken.

Sadly, Gorgeous Claude was not in attendance, but I managed to get by somehow. It was hard, but hey, I’m a pro.

So, what’s this night cream all about then? Aimed specifically at women from 30 to 40, it’s available in two formulations, one for normal-to-combo and one for normal-to-dry. It has a couple of EcoCert-certified organic ingredients – kiwi and carob – in it as well as a peptide to help compensate for the sleep-debt (1.5 hours less per night than we need, apparently) so many women experience.

The product has been developed using the brand’s knowledge of the circadian rhythms of the body and to get at the skin’s cells when they’re at their most active – which they are at night. Kiwi delivers optimum nutrition to the cells and the carob and peptide mix help to encourage fibroblast mobility, essential for the skin’s ability to synthesise collagen.

In simple terms, this product aims to make your skin look great while you get your eight hours. Or, eh, six point five hours.

€61.50 is the damage for a 50ml pot, and you’ll find it on counter now.

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14 Replies to "Are You in Sleep Debt? Clarins Multi-Active Night Youth Recovery to the Rescue!"

  • Jenbear says:

    This sounded AMAZING until you got to the price, ouch!

  • dolly says:

    Would this be an every night cream or for those nights when you know you know you’ll look wrecked in the morning? I’ve been using LE superskin concentrate at night time since christmas. I haven’t seen any dramatic improvements but my skin survived that awful winter in tact and a beauty therapist commented that it wasn’t dehydrated which is a miracle in itself. I’d be hard pressed to give up my nightly oil routine now.

  • sweetie says:

    I’m not in their market group, but hey, any excuse to link a post to gorgeous Claude is a good excuse :D

  • Kirstie says:

    dolly – that’s an impressive result, then!

    and yes, this is for every night usage alright.

  • BerG says:

    I must investigate. Is it as divinely smelling as the previous Multi-Active Night if so i won’t be able to resist. God i will have to start a branch or Anonymous at the rate i am adding to the Wish List, will need to find a second job to keep up the habit.

  • Kirstie says:

    It does smell nice! see if you can get a sample at counter,maybe?

  • Kitty In The City says:

    I’ve used 2 jars of this. No, not cheap but lovely. Took a break but now that I’m about to hit a Significant Birthday I think I’ll invest (and BT offer triple points around your birthday). Although at turning 40 I am moving out of their target market.

  • cch says:

    Is the combo version a cream in a pot too? As the current one is a lotion in a pump bottle which I like because (1) it’s lovely stuff, and (2) anything in a pot tends to disappear so quickly on me.

  • Niamh says:

    I love the day cream of this so am very tempted to get this night one! It is a little expensive though…. Might have to wait till another of those 20% off eves in Arnotts :-(

  • Product Junkie says:

    This is next on my purchase list after I use my E Lauder up.. Not doing anything for my super dry skin even though I was told it would :-)
    Why do I believe everyone….

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