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1000 Swaps on Swap Siopa!

By Aisling | June 1 2010 | 24 Comments

Swap Siopa hit its ONE THOUSANDTH SWAP last week. Sorry for shouting but this is fantastic!

This means at least one thousand items of perfume, makeup and skincare have travelled the highways and byways of our green and pleasant land to find a new home. One in which they are placed upon dressing tables and used and loved every day.

The whole thing is totally free as you know and based completely on a trust system. Swap Siopa is a recessionista’s/frugalista’s dream because it prevents us from wasting our money buying a product that someone else in the community already has and doesn’t want. Post up your item and wait until you get an offer you like – or make an offer for someone else’s object of cosmetic heaven.

Swap Siopa is a whole heap of work at this end though. So we’re delighted to take this opportunity to thank our fantastic forum mods. And of course special thanks goes to Principessa who presides over the whole thing with a firm but fair hand – reminding folk of the rules, keeping a keen eye out for messers and collecting feedback from satisfied swappers.

So have you been swapping? And what did you make of the whole experience?

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