Winter Skin Savers: Pure Argan Elixir from Naturelle d’Argan

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The post was kind to me last week and I was pretty pleased to check this baby out when it arrived for review. Pure Argan Elixir from the Naturelle d’Argan brand was probably always going to light my fire, considering how much I like facial moisturising oils.

I picked up a bottle of argan oil in Paris recently and have been happily using it, but this is actually far superior in texture – not to mention packaging – I really prefer an easy-to-use pump for this kind of product. Both Aveda and Liz Earle use argan oil in various of their products (the wonderful Superskin Concentrate being one) and it’s produced primarily in Morocco, by women’s co-operatives – Naturelle d’Argan are happily aiding and supporting this work.  It’s an ingredient that’s got a good beauty provenance and which is lauded for its nourishing and hydrating abilities.

Perfect for winter, At €19.95 it’s a decent price for 50mls – you’ll typically only use two-to-three squirts of it for your whole face. I’m using at night and while it’s only been a few days, I’m liking it.  Fancy checking it out? The brand is now available at pharmacies nationwide and consists of a lot more than this little bottle of Moroccan gold – there are cleansers, body products and for those who don’t like the thought of an oil, yer regular cream-based moisturisers.

For a stockist near you, give 01 845 5632 a call.

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10 Replies to "Winter Skin Savers: Pure Argan Elixir from Naturelle d’Argan"

  • Twinkletoes says:

    Must look out for this one, sounds great.

  • KellBell says:

    I’ve used Argan Oil before (not this brand though) and i found it too rich for my oily skin :(

    I’d say it would be perfect for those with drier skins though …

  • Anneml says:

    OOh must look out for this before I start disintegrating into flakes of dryness in this numbing cold!

  • Gossipgal says:

    I got Kaleine (?) Argon Oil of love lula and I love it. I dont use it every night just during the bad winter weather. Hopping off it the last few weeks

  • nicola says:

    can some one please help… iv always had really bad skin but im now twenty five and im at breaking point… every morning i wake up i spend an hour and a half trying to cover my acne… what can i do.. its really getting me down. its so embaressing and iv lost all confidence in myself, i cant even let my boyfriend see me with out layers of make up… some one please help… great advice would be greatly apreciated…

  • lulu79 says:

    nicola, iv the same problem, im 30. i try to go for a facial every month. iv tried dermalogica, nimue and liz earle nothing worked, iv done 3 months anti biotics,did nothing. i just bought the vichy normaderm so gona try that also started taking evening primrose oil to help balance hormones.i went back to doctor who gave me a topical cream called dalactin c.hav u been 2 doc?

  • BeautyBee101 xxx says:

    Ooh this 1 sounds great.
    According to dermatoligists and skin scientists (and the clairns brochure i picked up the other day!!) oils are better for everyones skin, oiy and dry. People with oily skin tend to rob their skin of natural oils and then it tends to dry out in patches leaving skin flaky but still quite oily identical to my own. It seems mad to be putting oil on oily skin but there is a logic to it, if you give (feed) your skin oil then it is less likely to keep producing oil. Giving you still oily but not dry or too oily skin.
    I recommend checking out Clairns as they have a great selection of different oils price ranging from 20euro and over.

  • cailin says:

    I believe oils, internaly and externally used, are the secret of skinsaving…so for those who would be keen on this one….remember it’s eminently and primarily edible, so buy a bloody big bottle in high class delis!
    I make a personal mix with it, hoping to ensure I get all the promised benefits of individual oils…or possibly cos I’ve too much spare time…

    The oils:

    argan + starflower + vit E(burst capsules)+ hemp + almond + hazelnut +pumpkinseed + grapeseed +jojoba +avocado. (don’t add olive…recent research is anti)….comme ca if you have really seriously unhappy, maybe eczematous skin…if not, add a leetle frankincense and/or purest rose oil too.Pref both. You’ll have too much….give all your girlfriends a bottle each!
    You’ll have a blend…all ever so tweakable…that would cost a King’s ransom.

    Happy New Year

    C xx

  • miffyonline says:

    Has anyone actually found this brand of Argan oil anywhere? I have tried calling the number given, several times, only to be told the mail box is full and I cannot get through to anyone. :(

    I would love to know of stockists in South Dublin, if anyone knows of any.


  • Kirstie says:

    Miffyonline – oh no! I’ll see what I can find out. So annoying, sorry.

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