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By Beaut.ie | August 1 2009 | 20 Comments

And it’s another weekend on Beaut.ie – but this one’s a bit special, cos it’s the August bank holiday! YAY!

I plan to spend a lot of time with zeds coming out of my sleeping mouth – what have you got organised?

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  • Papillon says:

    I’m going to the gym for the first time in over two weeks. Best to start the weekendwith some virtuosity as we all know it’ll be downhill from there.. Lol

  • Lilacglitter says:

    I was there this morning Papillion, it feels good to get it out of the way :D

  • April says:

    I’m only in from the gym, I just plan to relax for the weekend maybe bring the kids to see G-Force tommorrow.The weather is dreadful compared to past August Bank holidays

  • GossipGal says:

    Quite nice in Wex at the moment. Kinda likeing the rain cause I dont have to cut the grass. Really its just putting it off isn’t it??

  • April says:

    GossipGal it is we were away for three weeks and the grass was up over the deck when we got home but the problem was it kept raining and the hubby couldn’t get out to do it.He’s out cutting it now in between the showers

  • Zie says:

    I think I’ll have to go to the gym this weekend. I could open up my own Kwik Fit with the amount of spare tyres I’m getting!

    Was going to go to Castlepalooza, but I couldn’t face the camping in the rain and the not too impressive line up. So I got out a few DVDs.

    Watched Australia last night. OH MY GOD, but Hugh Jackman in tight pants and tight shirt and just oh my god swoon doesn’t even come close!

  • Dobby says:

    Oh Zie me too – wasn’t expecting it to be good but it was actually very enjoyable. I do love a Baz Lurhman flick though!
    I’m minding a sick boyf at the mo – what an exciting way to spend the weekend! Ah I don’t mind too much really, he’s always very good for looking after me.

  • cathyfly says:

    I’m in Galway but not a horse race have I seen! Was in the Radisson last night – madness, and have just been tempted to stay on another night. Will cost a fortune but sure feck it! Sun is shining today & it was lashing yesterday. Hope everyone’s having a good weekend x

  • prudence says:

    Aha! So more than horses in Galway then Cathy – hope the going is soft!!

  • recovering today! was out last night, didn’t go near town though it was meant to have been mayhem as race week always is!

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