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By Beaut.ie | July 25 2009 | 24 Comments

Happy weekend all!

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24 Replies to "Weekend Blather"

  • Gracie says:

    Morning all!

    Anyone been to U2 last night? Going tonight and very excited about it! Hope the sun keeps shining – fingers crossed!

    Bought myself a fab palette from Urban Decay of eye colours. They are not so glittery like my other palette but quite intense so look forward to experimenting. Especially since I splashed out on the primer too!

    Loving the forums by the way! Brilliant addition to the site :)

  • Kirstie says:

    hurrah! Thanks Gracie!

  • GeeGee says:

    Going out on a drinking session for the first time in 2 months tonight, should be interesting…
    I’m really looking forward to doing my hair all curly and popping on my fake eyelashes and smoky eyeshadow. :D

  • GossipGal says:

    Really dont want to go in to work today. Have to get the bus and keep putting it off. I’m in for 3 and still not dressed

  • Fletch says:

    I’m in work till 6pm. Boo.

    And we’re saving money for our holidays at the moment so not going out tonight. Boo.

    But, we’re having a movie night in- DVD’s, homemade chicken wings, breaded chicken, corn on the cob and potato wedges. Yay!

    I want to look (and feel) good when going on my holidays in 4 weeks in Spain, we’re heading to the Grand Prix in Valencia. Does anyone know if some beauty treatments would be cheaper there than here in Dublin? Want to get a mani and pedi done to feel glamorous! :)

  • GeeGee says:

    Fletch, your evening sounds perfect… Must do something like that with the bf some night, just land into his some evening with a load of tasty summer food to eat and flick through the movie channels.

  • BBG says:

    Fletch, when I was in Jervis recently I saw Nail Bar advertising mani for 15 euros. Don’t know if they are any good, but thought it’s a good offer.
    I’m going to the gig tonight as well, looking forward to it actually. It was a last minute purchase on ticketmaster yesterday evening, so hopefully it’s not fake.

  • Gracie says:

    BBG, there were more tix released for tonight so dont worry! Cant believe they are so easy to get, they used to be like golddust for these gigs years ago….sign of the times I guess!

  • Fletch says:

    Thanks BBG, I’ll check that out!

    Have a nice evening everyone, I’m almost outta here! :)

  • jill says:

    took a trip out to inglot – assistant not particularly helpful but i did get a nice palette of 3 eye colours. I was hoping she’d do my eyes for me, but despite there being about 5 assistants and only 1 person getting there makeup done she didn’t volunteer, and i asked twice

    now, i must put go them on for cathyflys birthday party!

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