We Get the Gen on Lancome’s Genifique

By Beaut.ie | February 23 2009 | 14 Comments

lancome genefique

I gave you the heads-up on Genifique a couple of weeks ago and I’ve even been off to have a chat with Lancome’s skincare expert, Debbie McVicar, to get the low-down on what it does, who it’s for – and most importantly of all, er – how do you use it?

On counter on March 1st, I’ve been using this now for a couple of weeks and can confirm that, in beauty jargon, this is very cosmetically acceptable. What that means to you and me is that it’s not one of those sticky serums that adds weight and gloop to your routine; which you hate using and abandon after three days, cursing the fifty-odd quid you squandered on it.

All you need is three teeny drops – which should be no larger than a two cent coin – to do your whole face. It’s very light (not dissimilar to Estee’s Advanced Night Repair or Prescriptives Super Line Preventer Extreme), totally non-sticky and immediately absorbed. How to apply? Rub it between your palms and then apply to your face using upward strokes. Avoid the eye area, is the advice and yep, you guessed it – while there’s no confirmation, it seems likely there could be an eye version at some point too.

Because it sinks in so quickly, you can (and should, this is not a substitute for your moisturiser) slap your regular product over the top straight away without feeling like you’re adding an extra load to skin. This is key, I think. I’ve been put off by too many serums (serii??) which have been too heavy – no woman wants to feel like her skin is coated with product. So, when should you apply? Morning and night, is Debbie McVicar’s advice, but if you’re already using a day serum, then use this once at night. Likewise, if your serum step is an evening one, then use Genefique as part of your morning routine.

But – what does it do? Lancome are keen to point out that this is not actually a serum; nor is it a turn-back-time device. Rather, as Debbie puts it, this is an activator that’s insurance against the signs of ageing. The science is mind-bending but the brand say they’ve managed to find the key to encouraging cells to behave like youthful cells, and that’s why it’s aimed at all ages – use at 25 to keep your young skin acting young, or use at 55 to pay it forward and gain some extra skin-youth.

The claims state that two months should show you a difference, and the bottle, at €70, should last that long if you use the recommended amount.

Lancome Genefique will be available at Lancome counters from March 1st

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14 Replies to "We Get the Gen on Lancome’s Genifique"

  • Gingerrama says:

    Errm – forgive my scepticism – but warning bells:

    “The science is mind-bending but the brand say they’ve managed to find the key to encouraging cells to behave like youthful cells, and that’s why it’s aimed at all ages – use at 25 to keep your young skin acting young, or use at 55 to pay it forward and gain some extra skin-youth.”

    (1) How come this stuff is so smart it keeps 25-year-old skin the same age but winds back the clock with the 55-year-old? I’d buy the mind-bending a bit more if this is the world’s first quantum cosmetic, AND using possible-worlds theory.
    Also, it is smart enough never to get confused and wind back the wrong clock? If I were 25, I wouldn’t accidentally want to look – let’s see: 15? 5? not yet born?

    (2) Calling all Beaut.ies: Is there anyone out there who forks out 70 yoyos without first checking that “mind-bending” science? Sorry, but at that price, I don’t take things on trust – especially if the only person to trust, who’s an expert on this stuff, is part of the company who sells it (let alone, with all due respect, a sales associate – generally not scientists…)

    If it’s that mind-bending, I’d rather go off and do an evening class in that Science – it’ll be cheaper in the long run than paying those prices, for years, for stuff.
    I’d want proof, evidence, double-blind testing, independent labs, the lot.

    And testing against stuff that has more proof AND use behind it: ex. rosehip oil as a serum. Which, by the way, you CAN use around your eyes.

    I’m calling snake oil until disproven, and sticking to my rosehip oil.

  • Diz says:

    Rosehip oil sounds good, and cheaper. I am afraid my wallet will not tolerate €70 for a bit of hope :-).

    Ginger, where do you get rosehip oil?

  • Ruth says:

    Diz i get the Trilogy rose hip oil in my local health store (in galway its Evergreen)..so if theres a healthfood shop near you, try there….

  • Gingerrama says:

    2nd Diz.

    The Trilogy one is good, and one of th cheaper ones: the small bottle (25 yoyos) lasted me over 6 months. You’ll find various brands available in health food / eco stores.

  • Admin says:

    yep, they’ve done in vitro and real-woman trials, I always look for that with a product making big claims.

  • Charliesangel says:

    Oooh Ladies I am really liking the sound of Rosehip oil, I am an avid user the Estee Lauder Advanced Night repair serum….but this Rose hip sounds like it could be a great addition to my morning routine, I was using Decleor Neroli but all run out now and just can’t bring myself to pay the 60 yoyo’s to replace. Just you just apply to face before moisturisers? My skin isn’t very dry…just dehydrated from time to time…is it more suitable for dry skin or all kinds?

  • Ruth says:

    Charliesangel, i wouldnt use it the morning as its quite greasy an di ise mineral makeup so i dont think that it would go on the best over the oil.not sure how it fares out under liquid tho….i use it when my skin is feeling extra dry, would put it on at night after my shower massge in and get the blood flowing, let it sink in for a few hours, then when i go to bed, if my skin still feels like it could do with a moisturiser id put that on top. Normally tho i wouldnt as the oil is quite moisturising.

  • Charliesangel says:

    Thanks Ruth…I use mineral makeup too…so tips very helpful…could have looked a right sight there!!! Might give it a go on the nights when my skin feels particularly parched!!

  • claire says:

    I’ve already been converted after only a week… Brown Thomas are already selling it! I can honestly say it amazing! My skin feels so soft after I use it! Not only that… but the best thing about this product is that I feel totally confident about my skin… being someone who always has make-up on (even when just going to grab a liter of milk) after using this I can/and have even gone for lunch with the girls sans the slap! give it a try… I promise you wont be dissappointed!

  • Cat says:

    I got this product ahead also and have been using it! WOW is all I have to say! Let’s face it Lancome ususaly comes out with some good stuff! I will say that I dont care how it does what id does as long as it does it! Well it has been! Keep rosehip oil!
    Who knows what they will come out with NEXT!

  • michelle says:

    I am one of those people who got a free sample of this stuff when I purchased my lancome bifacil eye make up remover (only THE best eye make up remover I have EVER used) I am not great with my facial routines to be honest, I am very hit and miss. I did try the strivectum serum after all the hype (150 us dollars totally wasted) so would not have done the same with lancome genifque, however, after using this prduct for only 4 days, I have already noticed a HUGE difference, my skin is softer, glowing, more youthful looking, and dare I say it looks more even toned and pores even seem smaller ???!!!! I do not know what ‘mind bending’technology they are using but it is THE FIRST anti aging product I have used that really works…I have 4 kids and a lot of lines and it DOES make all the difference, I also now do not wear make up as I feel fine without it. You can use any moisturiser over the serum, it doesnt have to be an expensive brand and rose water is the best (and cheapest) toner to use, so my advice, scale back on other expensive products including your make up and invest in this, you will not regret it. also, to those of you using bare ID mineral make up, check the ingredients, if it has bismuth stay well clear, it reacts with heat and starts to sting especially around the eye area, there are mineral make ups that do not contain bismuth and this is much better to use for your skin! but hey…Lancome Genifique all the way!

  • sandy says:

    Hi im only leaving a review as b4 i bought this lancome product i searched for reviews and couldnt find many that seemed to be from genuine buyers. Anyway Iv been using genifique for about a month now and whilst iv not noticed any major amazing change iv got to admit my skin is brighter and definatly less greasy around the T Zone. I dont think its a miracle product like it claims to be but its the best face product iv tried so far so i will be buying it again and Iv just bought the genifique eye creme yesterday so im hoping that will be good. Iv got pretty rubbish skin. large pores, uneven skin tone so i dont think any product would give me a perfect complexion but i reckon if youve got nice skin to begin with then this serum would definiatly enhance it. id give it an honest 3 out of 5

  • Vness says:

    I bought this genefique at the beginning of September and its only just run out but I only used it in the morning as I use fresh aloe vera on my face at night. I don’t know I noticed a major difference but yes perhaps slightly smoother and more dewy looking. I may try it again but not right now as I’m on a budget.

  • Fluffy says:

    I never believe the advertising hype of any product, but I received several samples of this serum”free with purchase”, (the girl at the counter actually threw in a couple extras ;), so figured I might as well use it up. It’s not just that my skin “appears” to look better, the improvement is obvious. in my mid 50s with thicker, fairly oily skin, I never used, or needed, moisturizing products. But gravity’s starting to take it’s toll. Since using this serum though, the “jowling” in my lower face and the beginning of a “turkey neck” has virtually been reversing. It’s not just in my own mind either, other people have been telling me how well rested I look, and there’s even a rumor at work that I had a “procedure.”

    Wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a miracle, or completely turning back the hands of time to where I look like a25 year old again. Would be nice, but would also be an unrealistic expectation. at my age, I’ll take just about any improvement, and this is not too bad. Not bad at all.

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