The Ponytail is back baby! How to make it perfect

By Aisling | February 12 2009 | 19 Comments


Jennifer Aniston always gets it right. Damn you Angelina!

Well it never went away. But with ponytails being sported everywhere from the catwalk to the red carpet it’s fair to say that this look is very definitely ‘in’ again this year.

What a relief eh? Cos I’d never stopped stuffing my hair up into a messy aul ponytail whenever it needed to be washed. Or on those days when I was just hanging around. And when it was raining. Or when I was having a bad hair day. So with all of these events combined its fair to say that my hair is stuck in a ponytail for er most of the year. And I know all my long haired friends are the same too. But I don’t think this is the type of ponytail they mean when they say this style is still smokin.

So I bent the ear of a hairdresser friend until she gave up the secrets of how to make it look gorgeous enough for our red carpet moments.

  1. Blowdry or straighten hair until it’s smooth.
  2. Spray it with some Surf Spray or a little hairspray so it’s not too slippy. (A pinch of salt dissolved in water and sprayed on with one of those plant spray yokes does the business too.)
  3. Backcomb your hair at the crown to give height – this brings the style bang up to date.
  4. Tip your head back when you’re tying up your hair. This means you gather up the hair underneath the ponytail properly and stops it from going “baggy”. My pet hate.
  5. Take a piece of hair from underneath the ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie so you can’t see it. When you get to the end prang a kirby grip down into the wraparound to keep everything in place.
  6. A long side fringe works really well with this look. Or a full fringe. Or no fringe – to be honest anything goes at the moment.

This is a great look. Give it a go. Or cheat (like me) and get the hairdresser to do it for you.

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19 Replies to "The Ponytail is back baby! How to make it perfect"

  • Big eyes says:

    Fab! Must remember to get the mini bumpits for an even easier one! Got thye garnier beach spray tis useless just sticks my hair together, surf spray is fab tho, my poor pockets…

  • xgirl says:

    I’m a ponytail girl too :) If you’re looking for very plain hairties that are actually strong enough to hold up heavy ponytails, Muji does great ones in black and brown. No metal bits or anything on them and they last ages.

  • Clare says:

    Lovit! Gives an instant facelift too. :)

  • Big eyes says:

    Thanks xgirl want to get some bathromm storgae yokies in muji too so will pop in!

  • Admin says:

    Goody hair bits are AMAZING but not sure if they can be gotten here.

  • Keila says:

    The Muji kirby grips are great too, they come in different sizes and in black or brown.

  • C says:

    Speaking of hair Kirstie I have been selected to be one of Lee Staffords hair models in Limerick. Thanks so much for doing a post about it!

    Can’t believe I was picked!

  • Aphrodite says:

    C- woohoo!

    Learning about how easy it is to make your ponytail nice has actually shamed me into trying a bit harder with mine!

  • Townygirl says:

    same as that Aphrodite. i’m scandalously lazy with mine. just wap in a boobin and away i go. oopsie

  • tina says:

    Aphrodite/towny – i agree! LOL can’t believe I now will have to use a brush, spray AND a mirror to tie my hair back ;) looks lovely though.

  • Olaola says:

    Oh, the Muji hairties are THE business! Don’t tangle or break your hair, there’s lots of them in a packet and it’s practically impossible to break them.

  • Lynnie says:

    Aha, so I am on-trend today! Wish my ponytail looked a bit more like Jen’s, though :/ Used to go to school with a girl whose hair would just effortlessly scrape up into a ponytail like that and was always sooooo jealous!

    I like the Blax hair elastics (Sephora do a version of them too that are dead cheap), have never had a problem with them snagging or breaking my hair or going out of shape and think they’re a bit more chic-looking than some other bobbins. They also do good super-skinny hairbands that you can load on for a bit of interest without going too OTT.


  • becks says:

    I use to tie my hair up everyday when I was younger in a really tight pony. One day I touched my head and jumped with the pain – was a few weeks from a bald patch I’d say.

    First thing I do when I go home is tie up hair. Use to find yokes in ‘claires’ which I thought were good but now I just use the old fashioned ones.

    Bagggy pony tail – I swear I hadn’t one clue what you were on about – is taxing my head today. Now I’m wondering if my pont tails were ever baggy.

  • Aphrodite says:

    Becks – a Croyden Facelift ponytail? Now that’s another story altogether!

    I can’t stop noticing baggy ponytails now. It’s when the bit underneath, at the back of your head, is not pulled tight enough. So unprofessional looking dahling

  • Ellenwaxer says:

    Where d’you get those hair ties that you wrap and hook in? They’re for ponytails. If ya get me….

  • Aphrodite says:

    Ellen – the bungee type? Must find out!

  • Tiddles says:

    Ellen – there are some actually in that link Lynnie posted up there. Blax ones. Is that the sort of thing you’re meaning? How do you use them without them falling out? Lol. Or do you wrap them around the hair a few times and then clasp them in?

  • Aphrodite says:

    Good work Tiddles!
    Yeah you wrap them around and when tight you hook

  • jenny clare says:

    Hi Ellen

    Their is a good few places that sell ponytails in ireland that have sprung up all ove rhte place., There is wigwam in st stephen green shopping centre,,Hairspray in wicklow street and a web site


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