The 81st Annual Academy Awards: Best Hair & Make-Up

By Lynnie | February 24 2009 | 37 Comments


There was lots of discussion on yesterday’s Blather about the sartorial merits of this year’s Oscar frocks, but what did y’all think of the hair and make-up? I was glued to the show last night, and not just to ogle Hugh Jackman. Honest. The usual safe subtle smokey eyes and nude lips were out in force, of course, but there were a couple of stars rocking Something A Bit Different. Thank God.

* Jennifer Aniston wore her hair down and a bit tousled, and managed to look simple and relaxed yet elegant and glamorous, with the braid at the front adding interest. Far more, well, interesting than those bog standard half-up-half-down dos (sorry Angelina.)

* Tilda Swinton gets beauty kudos for showcasing the New Red Lip that xgirl posted about yesterday. And no, I don’t know what the feck she was wearing either.

* Penelope Cruz channeled her inner gamine and immediately put me in mind of one A. Hepburn with her chunky fringe, paired with shimmering metallic bronze eyes and a sophis up-do.

* Reese Witherspoon matched her eyeshadow to her gúna and went for navy, which was actually gorgeous rather than looking too matchy matchy.

* Alicia Keys, meanwhile, was bang on trend with her pink eyeshadow, defined with lashings of heavy black winged liner.

Those were just a few of the slebs who stood out for me, though – so whose look did you love… or hate?

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37 Replies to "The 81st Annual Academy Awards: Best Hair & Make-Up"

  • ena says:

    thought jennifer’s hair was a wee bit too dishevelled (sp?) or ‘surf gal’ lookin’ for her age.

    lovely and bronzed looking, and a gorgeous figure.

    think that Tilda girl needs some definition around her eyes…

  • xgirl says:

    I loved Jen A’s hair and Penelope’s makeup. I didn’t think Reese looked great, though it pains me to admit it as she is my idol usually :)

    Tilda Swinton is a mad one, but you have love her attitude!

  • ShellBelle says:

    Have to agree, Jen A and Penelope had the nicest makeup. I love Penelope’s smoky eyes!

  • M says:

    im really sorry to be so mean but I can’t even look at Tilda Swinton…there is just something about her?!!

  • Ruth says:

    I love Jens hair..she just least Tilda Swinton put some makeup on this year..any one remeber the pasty slap free face from last year..*shudder*.. Penelope looked great, but she rarely ever gets it wrong anyway…thought marion cotillard looked so sophisticated too…

  • elly parker says:

    You gals really should do the same thing for the Blog Awards next year!

  • lucyloo says:

    thought jen A had the best hair and make-up hands down and also really liked Kate Winslets vintage-y looking hair and fabulous (if a bit understated) make-up. halle berry also looked amazing the woman just glows!!!

  • Aisling Aphrodite says:

    Elly – good idea
    You’d win for best hair!

  • Townygirl says:

    i thought goldie hawn looked a bit blonder. her hair and skin and dress were all the same colour…saying that i wouldn’t mind looking like her at that age.

    i loved jennifer anistons clobber.

    does anyone else think angeline jolie is playing mrs safe from the town of safe?

    tilda swinton gives me the utter creeps, shiver

  • lucyloo says:

    yeah towny im fed up of her really – in every pic its (almost) same hair, expression, make-up, dress (well style anyway). the only thing i liked about her at the oscars was her AMAZING emerald jewels….so fab

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