Teeth makeover diary: the initial consultation.

By Aisling | August 19 2009 | 41 Comments


I mentioned on the Blather last week that I was going to the dentist. And I’ve mentioned a time or twenty in other places that I hate my front teeth. I hate the colour of the two front ones and despite whitening they’ve refused to budge from beige. Plus there’s been some movement in the side ones – I had braces as a teenager but things have moved in the teeth department since then. So now when I get photos taken it looks as though one of them is brown too because it’s moved so far back.

In short I hate them. Oh did I say that already?

So when Darren Cromey was recommended to me as the dentist who could give me a teeth makeover and has done so successfully with many others, I hurried off to see him. Perusing the before and after pictures in his waiting room I was astounded by the drastic improvements in the look of teeth after treatment. After taking (horrendous) photos of my gnashers and studying them he made his expert pronouncement.

“Four veneers and retainer behind the top teeth, plus whitening to bring the rest of the teeth up to match.”

“Four veneers – is that all?” I was surprised – I thought I’d need a whole mouthful. But apparently that’s all it will take to completely change the whole look, and studying the before and after photos I could see that it usually just took a minimal change to completely change someone’s smile. The veneers will be made in a lab in LA and moulds were taken there and then of my existing sad teeth.

“Now what we’ll do to start off is to use a home whitening kit which will brighten up your teeth to the best colour you can achieve natually. Then we’ll get a natural looking match for the veneers on the two front teeth which won’t change with whitening. And I want you to think about what shape you’d like the teeth to be – perfectly straight or front teeth slightly longer etc.”

He showed me pictures of different shapes and combinations of different sized teeth, together with the degrees of whiteness teeth come in. Blindingly white was included.

“Haha once I don’t end up looking like Simon Cowell,” I said

Darren sprang from his chair to whip a full page photo of Cowell from a cupboard. “Yes!” he said. “I keep this here to show patients what can go wrong if they go too white”

Then we had a good laugh over SC’s veneers – which are so white and brick like that they’re like the colour of a porcelain bathroom suite. Brings a whole new meaning to the term bog standard.

“But surely he would have so much money he could get them re-done?” we wondered.

Pondering the mystery of the alpha male I toddled off with my whitening kit. I’ve to use it every second day for three weeks and then we’ll be on to the next stage.

I’ll be posting up pictures (aieeee) and blogging my journey through whitening, retainer, temporaries and porcelain veneers. So stay tuned! In the meantime I’m happy to answer all and any questions on the comments – so fire ahead.

Veneers: €900 per tooth; whitening kit: €300 – €500; retainers vary.
Dr Darren Cromey, 01 4506373,
Walkinstown Dental Clinic

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41 Replies to "Teeth makeover diary: the initial consultation."

  • ivicia says:

    Very interested in this post. My two front teeth are a different colour to the teeth either side cos they are veneers.

    I spoke to my dentist and he wasn’t too keen on doing anything to them as there is nothing wrong with them as such.

    I’m going to ask him again as I’m not too keen on the smiles type places.

  • LouLaBelles says:

    Thats great for the Invisalign braces!
    I had those train tracks on when I was a teenager and got the retainers once they were removed, wore them for a few years but stopped and now I have had a little movement so I went for a consult for the Invisalign braces and was told €2,000!
    It was reccommended I not get them due to the high cost and just get some new retainers to hold what I have.
    Cant believe the price you were quaoted, thats great!

  • BBG says:

    Aphrodite, I had Invisalign for 1,5 years and I’m so glad I took the plunge. There’s still some whitening to do, but I researched Zoom and decided not to go for it, and haven’t had a chance to look at the traditional one yet. Anyways, best of luck and it will be so worth it in the end!

  • Atomic_Blonde says:

    Best of luck missus!!
    Im wearing Invisalign as my retainers and they are grand. I doubt you will have to wear them for long….a few months if even that!
    I would love to get 2 front veneers, I have very “thin” teeth and the enamel has near wore away from the bottom of them. Whitening treatments works on them but only temporary.

    Lucking forward to seeing your journey!!

  • PinkPanther says:

    Oh this is a brill post – I want to comletely reform my mouth but I’ve heard so many different stories for and against I don’t know what to do. Will be a avid follower of your progress. How long will it take in total? What are Invisalign braces?

  • Principessa says:

    Well done Aphrodite!

    Can’t wait to hear your progress, do you know yet what the braces will actually cost?

    I’m very keen to get my teeth done, like so many here, I had braces when I was young and they have since moved, not a huge amount, which is why is seems a shame not to get them done since the Invisalign or 6 month braces should do the trick. Unfortunately my wallet doesn’t agree with me at the moment.

  • Aisling Aphrodite says:

    I’m so excited about getting this done – I’ve been wanting to do it for ages. The cost is offputting I know – but when we were talking about it before someone said – sure you’d spend that on a car without thinking twice. I’ve done some cost comparisons and there are much dearer places to go.

    Loulou – I’m not sure of the cost of the Invisaligns yet or how long they will be in for (does permanent sound right? My sister has had a brace behind her teeth for years).

    Principessa – I will find out and I will do a whole post on them when I get them done.

    Pink – the dentist said two months. Two months – yippee!

  • ivicia says:

    Don’t forget the tax back. I spent about €5K and got around €1500 back. Now I did get 40% rebate whereas now you only get 20% but it takes the sting out of it.

  • Efa says:

    I have an inman aligner on my teeth at the minute. Its amazing how quickly it straightened my front teeth! Its only 10 weeks on and i’m taking it off next week to have my retainer fitted.

  • Lazy Lashes says:

    Great post. Personally my new smile will cost be a quarter of what I was quoted in Dublin simply by going to Newry! I am currently getting treatmentand experience to date is great.There are a lot of pricing descrepencies between dental practices so let the ‘smiler’ beware.

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