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Summ-ah Summ-ah Summer Time: New Kate Moss Fragrance

By Lynnie | May 27 2009 | 8 Comments

summertime by kate moss

This morning’s blip notwithstanding, the weather’s been only norjus for the last few days in Ireland East, with the sun beaming down from an almost clear azure blue sky on election posters that flutter in the gentle breeze. And just in time for this bit of dear-God-please-let-it-keep-up-for-the-long-weekend fine summery weather is the new limited edition fragrance from Kate Moss.

Appropriately called Summer Time (someone had their thinking caps on when they come up with that name for a May release perfume, hah?), this is a fresh floral that the blurb sez “evokes memories of flower meadows under a hazy summer sun.” Makes me want to plait my hair and run around fields in cheesecloth, that.

Top notes are of neroli, bitter orange, wild blackberry and bittersweet glabanum (nope, me either, but apparently it smells of grass and greenery) to invigorate and uplift. The heart of the perfume is decidedly feminine and reads like a cottage garden who’s who : English rose, peony, wisteria and bluebell all feature here.  Base notes are warm and comforting mahogany, spicy tonka beans and the woody accents of musk moxalone, which Google tells me is a fruity musk. Right-o!

Summer Time is on counter now and costs €19.95 for a 30ml EDT.

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8 Replies to "Summ-ah Summ-ah Summer Time: New Kate Moss Fragrance"

  • In the market for a new perfume actually…must check this out in Dublin airport Monday…DKNY also have a relatively new fragrance out which I might get…mmm..

  • My cousin gave me a huge bottle of her first scent and I sprayed it on liberally this morning but can’t get any whiff of me at all!

  • When I think of Kate Moss and smell I think of music festival poraloos and stale beer.

  • fag ash, pete doherty-sweat and cokey boogers.

  • Eeewww Kitty :D

  • Kitty and Kirstie, yuck. But true.

    Thanks to the title of this post I now have DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince going round in a loop in my head….

  • Ah, the Fresh Prince, so 90s. I still remember the rap to the tv show!

    I like the shape of the bottle. Greta name for a summer perfume; that must have taken them all of ten seconds to come up with!

  • I don’t understand the whole ‘celebrity’ perfume thing at all – it would put me off buying a perfume knowing that it was Kate Moss or J-Lo or Britney or SJP just trying to expand their brand – it reminds me of a grown up version of buying a Hannah Montana pencil case and backpack. And you don’t see Jo Malone trying to become an actress or singer ;)


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