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Sneaky Peek: Watch out for Jergens Naturals

By | March 6 2009 | 10 Comments

jergens naturals

Look at us, beavering away to bring you previews of the great and good in the wurreld of beauty, wha? And it’s all bargain-tastic previews, too. You’ve read Aphrodite’s thoughts about Lidl’s forthcoming eyeliner, and now here’s the gen on the imminent Irish launch of US brand Jergens’ Naturals range.

If you’ve ever been into a Duane Reade pharmacy state-side you’ll have come across this American favourite. It’s a mass market brand that’s the biggest in its sector, and while Irish fans in-the-know lust after products like Jergens Glow (the first hint of a tint self tanner, fact fanz) and Cherry Almond body moisturiser, the first line to debut here will be their Naturals suite of products.

Oh, I know what you’re thinking – I thought it too: natural, my arse. Chemical packed, with a bit of lavender waved at it, yeah? Except in this case,  Jergens have managed to create a cruelty-free line of body moisturisers that are 95% and 96% natural, and which contain no parabens* or petroleum-derived ingredients like mineral oil and silicones. So far, great, but the thing about mineral oil and silicone is that they’re great moisturisers, and their removal is why a lot of naturals and organics brands just don’t work as well as their chemical cousins.

So, top of the Jergens product development  teams’ mind was creating an affordable, natural product that performed as well as a product containing synthetic ingredients. It seems they’ve done it, by using things like jojoba oil, panthenol, glycerin, avocado, shea butter and olive oil to make up that 95-96% natural claim.  Each product also contains actives and antioxidants like pomegranate and green tea. But what about that last few percent? It’s comprised of  emulsifiers, fragrance and an alternative preservative system to parabens, which are necessary to keep the product components together, and to ensure it a long shelf life.

There are four products coming on-stream in mid-April: Ultra Hydrating body moisturiser, Extra Softening body moisturiser, Skin Firming body moisturiser and Age Defying body moisturiser. The best bit? The prices. You’ll be able to pick up a 200ml tube in chemists and supermarkets for €7.49. Ultra Hydrating and Extra Softening will also be available in a 75ml travel size for €3.75.

With low carbon miles because the products are made in the UK, the last thing I wanted to know was, if they’d made such an effort with the product, what about the packaging? Sadly, only the cap of the tube will be recyclable, but the brand is hoping to make further improvements in that area in the future.

*Disclosure: I now have no problem with parabens, having looked into them sufficiently to be reassured that they do not cause cancer (read a balanced view on the Beauty Brains website), but am always glad to see products offering alternatives as I know it’s of concern to lots of you.

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