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Rate it: What Brands do You Trust for Makeup AND Skincare?

By | August 28 2009 | 33 Comments

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Did you know that Ireland is one of Lancome’s biggest markets? Yup. It is, which means loads of Irish ladies make it their first port of call for skincare and makeup.

This got me a-thinkin’. What other brands do you trust for makeup AND skincare? The separation seems to be obvious in a lot of cases: brands focus on what they’re good at and few score for care and colour. MAC have never impressed me with their occasional forays into cleansers and exfoliators, but does any brand satisfy my need for both?

Surprisingly, yes.  I rate Guerlain’s skincare and colour cosmetics highly and the same goes for Chanel. I am also happy to buy moisturiser and mascara from Lancome. But that’s me – what about you? Do you flit between counters or are you happy to buy all your beauty buys from one brand?

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