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By Aisling | February 24 2009 | 47 Comments


It sounds great doesn’t it – getting your makeup done for an evint at a beauty counter or by a makeup artist. I love getting my hair done and won’t venture anywhere without a blowdry. But the makeup? More often than not it ends up looking totally crap. I don’t look like me and quite often I look far more subtle than I’d like. Colours might not suit and foundation can end up completely the wrong shade.

But what does everyone else think I wonder? Tell us why you love/hate getting your makeup done!

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47 Replies to "Rate it: getting your makeup done"

  • becks says:

    Got my make up done twice.

    Once was with Dior which was lovely. Another was chanel and it was awful just awful.

    She wanted to put green eye shawdow on me and I said no and then I had to remind her no I didn’t want green. She then proceeded to use every other colour and in the end I had to stop her.

  • Ladyelle says:

    Got my make up done a few times but it was exaggerated coz it was for photo shoots so it was done heavier than I’d usually wear it….got it done as well for my friends wedding I was her bridesmaid and it was fab !

  • Twinkletoes says:

    I’ve only had it done once – at Bobbi Brown in BTs. I loved the eye makeup but the foundation/blusher were too dark for me and I looked a bit crazy! I ended up taking off the face and redoing it while keeping the eyes!

  • MontyC says:

    I’ve had my make up done at the YSL and Chanel counters and I have to say, both were really lovely.

    On both occasions I went for the ‘daytime’ looks (which is what I wanted) and I ended up buying the perfect touche foundation at YSL afterwards as it suited me so well.

    However, one gripe I had was that the attention of the YSL lady kept drifting from me (and my make up) to whatever was happening around the store. She was very easily distracted and that gets a little annoying after a while.

  • Loddy says:

    I’ve got my makeup done a lot, bobbi brown, lancome, mac, make up forever, and brown sugar. looks absolutely amazing when you leave the place, but it never seems to last me the whole nite, and cause i didnt buy all the products they use I can never top it up…. :(

  • Cathspyjamas says:

    Love getting my makeup done. I’m ok at doing it myself, but for a long day (e.g. a wedding or similar) it always lasts longer with minimal touch-ups if done professionally. I generally avoid the counters as I come out orange of face and looking like a reject from an Xposé presenter audition.

    I’ve got my makeup done a few times by Derek Carbery (once for my wedding – I looked bleedin’ gorgis due in no small part to his efforts) and most recently by Leonard in Queen on Aungier Street. Again, he did a fabulous job. I’d highly recommend either of these guys.

  • becky says:

    anyone ever got it dne in Aura beauty in terenure? Im getting it dne there this weekend and just wondering whether it will be ok now?

  • Mise says:

    I’ve gotten in done in a beauticians a few times for special occasions, weddings, balls etc, but I’d never get it done in a department store. I don’t think the staff in BT’s etc are interested in what you look like. I think they just want to pressurise you into buying stuff.

  • LouLaBelles says:

    I remember one time I got mine done and she would’nt let me see it until the end, I was terrified! all the ones on the counter were going but saying “Oh lovely” but I had my doubts…… Nearly cried when I saw it! and I was on way to a wedding.
    I have dark hair and tanned skin so thought shed do a lovely smokey eye but it was a weird greeny / blue colour! and then I popped into shop on way home and got a glimpse of myself in mirror (no wonder people were starring at me..) the lipgloss or sth had worn off and I was left with bit lined lips! and my face caked in make up and loads a blusher. Had to leg it home to fix it all.
    God the state of me. Havnt got it done since. Think it was the then pout counter in BT!
    Young and foolish I was!

  • Noney says:

    Mac (and Pout) are always a little heavy handed. Armani are good, but Trish McEvoy’s counter in BT’s was the best I ever had done – esp. when I was close to tears on day of black tie as hairdresser had given me the worst, flattest blowdry ever – and I felt and looked so much better when they had finished with me. The best smokey eye ever!

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