Potential Torture Device New Curly Hairdryer from Remington

By Beaut.ie | January 9 2009 | 29 Comments

remington spin curl dryer

Putting aside the fact that this is giving me flashbacks to the scene in Wayne’s World when Wayne is cutting Garth’s hair with the Suck Kut, what we see above is actually a hairdryer that promises “easy glamour at the touch of a button”.

For gals who long to be curly, Remington’s new Spin Curl gives you the ability to  create a head full ‘o waves by basically sticking sections into that clear plastic bit, whacking on the on button, and then pulling hair through the gizmo.

Hair is curled as it’s dried using a rotating current – and voila, you get twistyness. Those above look a little dready, but I’m trusting once you’ve run fingers or a gentle brush through them you’ll get volume and bounce.

Exclusively at Boots stores, the Spin Curl is £39.99stg, so no doubt it’ll be about one million Euro here.

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29 Replies to "Potential Torture Device New Curly Hairdryer from Remington"

  • cailin says:

    looks a bit gimmicky-aimed at the tween market??

  • Townygirl says:

    i don’t fancy the dreadlock look. i need something that blow dries my hair straight . . now if they invented that

  • Tiddles says:

    WOW. I would SO love to try that! My hair is a bit short i’d say though…but am dying for something to give me curls!

  • xgirl says:

    Ha! I totally thought of Wayne’s World before I started reading :)

  • Townygirl says:

    we’ll swap tiddles. i have long really curly hair, you can have it!!

  • Tiddles says:

    Deal ;)

    Nah – i only want it for the choice – yanno! Sick to death of my hair always looking like this. Would like some chance of variety. It’s too short to go up – to weird looking to leave natural…so it’s short and straight for me so!

  • Shivers says:

    oh dear god… that is an accident waiting to happen!!! even if the “curls” looked worth it, i’d still be nervous, but those dreads are not inspiring…

  • Tiddles says:

    Do any of you remember those purple twirly things that used to twirl two strands of hair and then twirl them together so you could bead the end? I wanted one of those SO badly when I was younger but my mum would never let me!

  • Shivers says:

    Yeah I remember being scared of those too Tiddles… I think I’ve had one too many hairbrush-entangled-disasters to ever touch something that looks a bit dodgy! Anyone else get gum in their hair as a kid? And then had to endure the painful attempts to remove it before they finally just cut it out? oh the horrible memories…. :)

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