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Peta Gore Vs Burger King Flame: a meaty scented pretend showdown

By Aisling | June 23 2009 | 7 Comments

Bad Smell

So we’ve been telling you all about Burger King’s gorgeous sounding fragrance ‘Flame’. And we’ve shown you the sexy man promoting it, Piers Morgan.

All a bit of a laugh no? But naturally enough Peta though not. They created ‘Gore: eau du mort’ with top notes of rotting flesh and a lingering scent of putrefication. They also hate Al Gore so that might have had summat to do with the name.

‘Gore’ doesn’t actually exist though – it’s just pretend and Peta used the idea in one of their blog posts. They ‘designed’ an equally horrible box too.

It’s the comments on the post that are really good though. Peta proposed putting an (imaginary) maggot in every bottle of (imaginary) Gore, which led to a flurry of outrage about possible cruelty to maggots. In the end Matt became the voice of sense and reason “I love PETA, but just like the Ben & Jerry’s breast milk request, this makes PETA look like a laughing stock.

The prize for best comment? Take it away Tammy, who wasn’t keen on the name of the scent:”I don’t like the Gore idea because Al Gore looks like he smells like fried food and Brut.

Exactly. They’re flippin off their rockers. And anyway I think there was no need for all this anti Burger King propaganda.

Surely Peta instantly recognised that the sight of a meaty smelling Piers Morgan in a loincloth meant that many of us could never look at a burger again?

Perhaps not.

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