New from Vichy: Aéra Teint Mineral “Healthy Foundation”

By Lynnie | January 27 2009 | 35 Comments

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If it seemed like everyone and their Granny brought out some class of a mineral make-up line in 2008, well, that’s probably because they did. So it’s fair to say that Vichy are relative latecomers to the game, as they’re only currently unveiling a mineral powder foundation.

However, it looks like it’s been worth the wait – Aéra Teint Mineral is billed as the first purifying mineral foundation, claiming to actually help improve skin condition, boosting luminosity and reducing imperfections. OOoooeeeeeooooooh! Vichy reckon it can achieve its lofty ambitions courtesy of a blend of five purifying ingredients:

– Kaolin to mattify and control shine
– Copper to restore radiance
– Zinc to even out skin texture
– Silicium to protect the skin from daily aggressions
– Magnesium to re-hydrate skin

Sounds like the consumer trials went well anyway: 85% of women reporting an improvement in the overall look and feel of their skin, with 73% noticing an improvement in skin texture after one month of use. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, clinical tests showed a marked improvement in the appearance of visible imperfections of oily skin.

All that and a brush and SPF20? Now this is a mineral foundation I’d like to try!

Available in 4 shades from usual Vichy stockists nationwide, priced at €26.

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35 Replies to "New from Vichy: Aéra Teint Mineral “Healthy Foundation”"

  • Dobby says:

    Not a bad price for all that either! Must try when I’m finished my current foundation.

  • sweetie1 says:

    Wow sounds great….must add that to the list of foundations to try. Very limited colour range though.

  • Big eyes says:

    Does anyone else find that mineral makeup kinda separates on your face when anyway flushed?Hmm maybe im not letting my moisturiser sit for long enough before applying :(

  • sweetie1 says:

    Anyone ever order from escentual website? It stocks vichy and lots of other brands incl clarins? Its a UK site, prices are good considering €\£ but you’d want to be ordering a few bits as postage is £4.95.

  • Big Eyes, my make up has never seperated at all…

  • ceci says:

    i’ve tried some mineral make up and find it dries out my already dry skin, leaving it tight and sometimes itchy if i use it for a few days. I like the coverage and all that, but is mineral make up just not suitable for dry skin? thanks

  • JustMe says:

    Big Eyes i know what you mean.

    My office is hot and im running around the place and i dont even have to look in the mirror to know its what your talking about now.

    When its good its very very good but when its bad, its horrid!!!

  • Suse says:

    Ceci; the mineral foundation you tried might be drying out your skin because it has talc in it as a bulking agent – I tried the Loreal one and it felt like it was burning the face off me! Will have to get a good look at the back of that Vichy one before I buy but other than that it sounds really good!

  • Aphrodite says:

    ceci – I have dry skin and I find mineral foundation very difficult to wear. The one I liked the most recently was the Elizabeth Arden – but to be perfectly honest I would always prefer a liquid for dry skin

  • Ruth says:

    ceci, what one did u use? u mite need to try a different formulaton either within the brand you are using or try a different brand. some of the brands (bare Minerals defo) contain bismuth oxychloride which some people can react to, hence the itchyness.

    i know with the brand i use (Everyday minerals) there is three different formualations-Matte, O-Glo and Intensive and each is suited to a different skin type. i know the o-glo is for drier skins and gives a dewy finish and Matte for oily, and intensive which is not as matte but doesnt have a dewy finish but has a bit more coverage to it… Maybe its just a case of trial and error…maybe another brand would suit better..there are so many out there now…

  • Twinkletoes says:

    I tested this Vichy one at lunchtime and it seems very nice, though the brush is tiny and you’d probably be better off buying one. That’s the case for pretty much all the big-brand mineral makeups though. The Vichy brush is a LOT nicer than the horrible scratchy one you get with the L’Oreal version anyway.

  • Charli says:

    How does this compare withe the E Arden one, I want to invest in a mid price mineral foundation, so I’m trying to decide which one to go for.

  • Aphrodite says:

    Charli – I’ve not tried this one yet so I can’t compare. It does sound nice though, and knowing Vichy it will be good. I much prefer EA to anything like Bare Minerals or Maybelline though

    Twinkle – the brushes that come with foundations are not usually up to much. If you get a good kabuki it will be an investment if you love mineral foundation

  • SF says:

    On a similar note, has anyone tried the new Rimmel mineral foundation, and if so what do you think? It’s on offer in Boots at the moment and I’m debating giving it a go. One thing I did notice about it is that the blurb on the packaging makes no mention of any SPF.

  • JustMe says:

    Noone use Jane Iredale?

  • Aphrodite says:

    Give the various brands an archive search – we’ve tried out most of them. JustMe – Jane Iredale is the best one!

  • SF says:

    I tried that a couple of years ago JustMe but found the powder version too drying for my skin and that the liquid foundation had no staying power at all.

  • miffyonline says:

    I like the sound of it but come on….only 4 shades? Seriously? Everyday Minerals (the one I use) have 43, grouped in undertone shades. It took me several (free) samples to get my match but match it does – no tidemarks!

    I like Vichy and I will certainly give this a look, but for €26 I could get a EDM 6-piece kit including some of the softest, bestest brushes ever made (do I sound like a fan???LOL)

  • Big eyes says:

    JustMe :) i’m not alone! think i just get flustered dashing into work late and prob humidity and my boiling face cook it! Love the prescriptives one and also the l’oreal one i love it when i have tan on- (its lightest shade is still beige on me when im not st.tropezed)
    Vichy one looks good too like the idea of it working for your skin rather than against – how about the maybelline (?) liquid mineral makeup, i wonder what that is like?

  • JustMe says:

    I have not found one pale enough for my skin . I was looking at Jane Iredale at lunch and the ivory is white almost so im wondering if this will work. Its the closest ive seen

    Its all very well and good when they put it on for me but it never looks like that when i buy the product and use it at home myself.

    I so fed up of looking multi colored and having to wear fake tan just to get a foundation to match my skin

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