Nails Inc Crystal Capped Polishes: Limited Edition & *Bling*!

By Lynnie | December 3 2009 | 26 Comments


From now until well into the New Year, I can pretty much guarantee that I will be all over anything that shimmers, glitters or otherwise sparkles like a serious,  magpie-shaped rash.

Even more so than usual, like.

So needless to say I had a little swoon when I espied these three limited edition Nails Inc offerings, €23 each from BT, adorned with glitzy crystal caps. Yeh, I’m a sucker for a bit of Swarovski. And actually the shades that make up the blinging collection don’t look half bad: from left to right above, there’s Bow Street, a deep, shimmery purple, the deep pink-red Henrietta Street, and soft, pale baby pink Warwick Avenue.

Vay nice as a wee stocking filler, maybe, or as a self-gifting “one for you… one for me!” treat.

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26 Replies to "Nails Inc Crystal Capped Polishes: Limited Edition & *Bling*!"

  • karla says:

    this is such hypocrisy!
    how could you post a product available in the so called “rip off” stores when they are available in the UK FOR £15.23 MAKING THIS €16.92
    causing a “RIP OFF” OF €6.10

    Why are you supporting this “rip off”? and slamming others? how can any of your posts referencing irish stores be taken seriously??

  • razzle dazzle says:

    Karla, we are shown the products so we can decide whether or not we’ll buy them! Also we can choose to shop around online! Plus people alsways ask where can they get them and how much!Thats my opinion anyhoo!

  • sweetie1 says:

    Wowsers, calm it there Karla!
    This site (imo) is somewhere that we are shown the latest and most fabulous beauty products, given an impartial opinion on them and most importantly shown where to get them in Ireland and the Irish price. We are also informed where to get the product cheaper if possible. e.g. hqhair,, strawberry etc. (see other posts) Obviously we can’t get this product anywhere else on-line without paying through the nose for postage, so if we really want it we gotta get it here. It’s up to us!

    Saying that it’s a beautiful product, and I can’t justify paying over €20 for a nail polish, considering I have v similar colours to all 3 above at home! Fab looking packaging though.

  • edelmc says:

    I think 23 euro is a bit steep for nail polish – i wont be buying these limited edition colours. I like the nails inc colours but I find the cap fairly trickly to hold when painting my nails cause its so chunky – am I the only one? I normally buy my nail polish at – OPI, China Glaze and Essie polish are all under 5 dollars each! shipping can be expensive but if you request a small flat box rate, the shipping works out at 18 dollars for up to 9 bottles of polish so thats approx. 5 euro per bottle incl. p&p for premium polish polish brands. You can check out swatches of the polish on nail polish blogs – and are both great. For a birthday or Christmas treat I prefer to buy a leighton denny polish rather than nails inc – he has a better and more unusual range of colours and the polish is very long lasting

  • dbigt says:

    OMG how pretty are they

  • Kirstie says:

    Karla – you’re quite right. We will never ever write about anything again unless it is adhering to strict guidelines which will mean we will have to shut down the site STAT.

    Like the girls say, we write about things for information but we’re equally not afraid to take on brands if we feel they are being unfair. We’ve always advocated the cheaper alternative; it was one of the motivating factors when we set up the site. also has more than one author and we all have different opinions and likes and dislikes. All the posts about fighting for fairer prices were written by me; this one is by Lynnie.

  • ceci says:

    Karla, I think the purpose of this site is to provide posts of the different and new products that people might be interested in. The girls have an opinion about the rip off prices here, which a lot of people agree with (myself included). But I don’t think that means that everyone who reads the blogs is going to buy online, a lot of people are still going to happy to part with their cash in BT’s or the other department stores. As sweetie said, there are enough links to sites to buy these online if you so wish.

    As for the nail polishes, I think i am a bit over crystal stuck to stuff. Just too much of it about. And I got a free nails Inc with Glamour recently, so just gonna stick with that one!

  • Kirstie says:

    hehe, I think these are suffering from the Swarovski Effect – lash a bit of crystal on the spuds there andre, and we’ll charge the earth!

  • razzle dazzle says:

    Saw that crystal covered toaster in Tatler that Glamazon mentioned! Madness!

  • hockeysticks says:

    does anyone else find nails inc polishes fairly rubbish?

  • ceci says:

    yeah I just think that its a gimmick now to hike up the price. I like my sparkles and all, just reckon its a bit of a waste of money to buy a normal nail polish for the cap, but thats just me!!

  • Emz says:

    I’d love to see that toaster :)

    I too like all things sparkley but couldn’t justify the price on this occasion!

  • Glamazon says:

    Karla – The post you are referring to is about cosmetics brands not about the department stores themselves. So it is not about BTs being a “rip off store” but rather certain brand concessions in BTs and other department stores being unfairly priced.

  • Kirstie says:

    yuck. it’s vile!

  • luvuems says:

    Wow there cute bottles but i wouldn’t pay that much for them! Have only used nails inc polish once, i thought it was quite nice.Tend to stick to Leighton Denny, Bourgois and Creative polishes, just like the finish off them.

  • Glamazon says:

    God yes that’s it…honestly who would bother? If you are going to bling something bling it bloody properly.

  • cherryred says:

    egh! I could do better with a glue gun

  • MilkyMoo says:

    That’s ridiculous – it’s not even THAT sparkly…

  • razzle dazzle says:

    Ok Lets see can we guess what they’ll stick crystals on to next?!

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