I’ll Have What She’s Having!!! NARS Super Orgasm

By Lynnie | March 5 2009 | 25 Comments


NARS Orgasm blusher is a cult beauty buy and regularly crops up on beauty editors lists of Must Haves, but it’s a real love it or hate it product. Whether you wouldn’t be without yours or have never really understood the hype that surrounds this peachy shimmery powder, I bet your interest will be piqued to hear that NARS have brought out a new jazzed-up version that has been getting rave reviews across the Atlantic.

Finally available this side of the pond, I’ve had a chance to play with both and can tell you that the new Super Orgasm delivers an intense hit of colour that’s actually more pink peach than true peach, with small gold sparkles embedded in the blush that blend down to a shimmery glow when applied so that you don’t wind up looking like a gilded glitterball. By contrast, the original is decidedly more sheer, and leaves an iridescent, nearly frosted finish.

This isn’t a limited edition release, but it is proving mega popular – there are only two currently left on counter at NARS in BT Dublin. So if you’ve got €29 burning a hole in your pocket and fancy asking for a Super Orgasm, get there quick! (Straight face optional…)

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25 Replies to "I’ll Have What She’s Having!!! NARS Super Orgasm"

  • Kirstie says:

    I am ashamed to admit I have never tried orgasm…

  • Hannah says:

    Kirstie – me neither…I fake it (with Bobbi Brown).

  • Big Eyes says:

    My orgasm is due in the post, if it goes well ill try the super orgasm soon LOL

  • Tiddles says:

    “My orgasm is due in the post”


  • Hannah says:

    Big eyes – in the post! I have heard of getting one over the phone…

  • Hannah says:

    Big Eyes – do you have just given selfish men everywhere the greatest excuse ever “you’re orgasms in the post”.

  • Big Eyes says:

    :) LOL it is though damn HQ hair were all sold out, orgasms are popular ;)

  • Back to Blonde says:

    Hi all
    Regular visitor to site but first time posting. I was at the counter in BT on Sunday afternoon getting all my Nars supplies and the girl didn’t mention it to me :(
    They did have mulitples of the original Orgasm though… :)

  • Ems says:

    Oooh, Lynnie does this explain the differences between the two, er, Orgasms we had at the Xmas brunch?

  • stylefreak says:

    Has anyone tried the mac mineralize blushes that are categorised acc to hair colour, I love my one but Im experimenting with blush alot lately, would nars orgasm be waaay better??

  • dressjunkie says:

    NARS Orgasm is a nice pinky peach but Deep Throat wins over it hands down for me, its a true peach and looks gorgeous with a tan.

    As for NARS Super Orgasm, my advice is AVOID, the glitter is horrendously chunky and I’ve never managed to buff it in. Complete waste of money unless you work in Las Vegas xxx

  • Keila says:

    On the Nars website, they have for sale a ‘safer multiple orgasm set’. Oh I lolled!

  • cailín says:

    i have the multiple, its fab, i think i prefer the look of original orgasm than the super one, its pinkier

  • sweetie says:

    LOL, Keila,’multiple orgasm set’!
    I’m ready to buy Nars products just because of the names! Can I have an Eros and a Multiple Orgasm please? :)

  • missyL says:

    i find the mac mineralise blush for blonde hair really really good, blends in well and lasts all day.

  • Gingerrama says:

    Curious about the Multiple. Can we have a Beaut.ie special order?

    I went from blusher virgin to Orgasm, then played the field.

    I’m wondering how different this one is, as there’s quite a few Orgasmalikes around; I actually preferred the texture of the Body Shop one, and Aveda’s Apricot Glow is more delicate (and not as orange-apricot as the name suggests).

    Also: 2nd dressjunkie on Nars Deep Throat, it’s lovely. And Zen if you think you’re too pale to pull it off (as it were), and looking for something fail-safe in the morning.
    Ooh, and Penny Lane. Mmmm.
    Monsieur Nars is a very clever chap.

  • Sparkle101 says:

    There’s a blusher called Deep Throat?!?!? Have to get my hands on this!

  • KellBell says:

    I’m not that mad on Orgasm – i have deep throat as well and really like it. I was wondering about the MAC mineralise for Blonde, Redhead and Brunette collection as well. I really like the Blonde collection – but is it a blush or a highlighter?

  • ashyho says:

    I love the shades and i love blush, i think i can put it on, but find it really hard to get a suitable shade, i love the pink shimmers but not sure if they suit me.

  • Tiny says:

    Hahaha knowing my immature self I’d probably laugh while asking for “one orgasm please!”

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