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Crotch Scene Investigation: Brazilian waxing granted reprieve in New Jersey

By Aisling | June 10 2009 | 22 Comments


Oh it was pun city in the press when the state of New Jersey considered banning bikini waxes back in March.

“Details are fuzzy!”

Hairy escape for waxing!”

“See the forest for the trees!”

Oh what fun for the writers of those headlines. It all happened when two women became infected during Brazilian waxes – and one woman decided to sue. And as we’ve often discussed on the potential for infection is a clear and present danger if a salon isn’t hygenic.  Huge uproar from the salon industry ensued as the long arm of the law considered wandering where it had no business to be. The state decided after a brief (sorry I’m doing it now) couple of days to backtrack and leave sleeping landing strips lie. Women would most probably cross state lines to pursue this activity they decided, or even worse, resort to doing it themselves.

Which made me wonder. How were they going to police this anyway if the ban had gone ahead? The Prohibition on waxing would result in salon speakeasies springing up on every street corner. Would a special force (CSI: Crotch Scene Investigation) be granted powers to burst in on salon cubicles? Would there be sniffer dogs to discover traces of hot wax? Would there have to be new skirt drop search powers granted to the feds?

The mind boggles. What would you call your illegal waxing speakeasy?

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