Need advice? The Ask Assumpta line is open! enquires: just what crap is in your handbag?

By Aisling | March 2 2009 | 48 Comments


Just had a fruitless root in my handbag for my pink Tweezermans which resulted in me flinging everything out in a rage.

And oh, the mess was horrible. No wonder my feckin bag weighs a ton.

In it I found: millions of tissues; tons of reciepts; lipsticks; four lipglosses; an ancient mascara; various coins; a crumpled tenner; an eyelash curler; a smushed up eyeliner, three different foundation samples, a jar of night serum, a bottle of multivitamins and an ancient mini mars bar.

And a few hundred other things. Now that the fashion is for BIG bags it just means BIGGER loads of crap to be carried around. I’ll have right arm like Kenny Egan if this keeps going.

I know I can’t be alone here.  So tell us – what secrets lurk in your handbag.  Have a rummage and tell all!

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