AW09/10: Mad About Matte Nails

By Lynnie | August 20 2009 | 20 Comments

matte nails

If you’re gearing up for the switch to AW 2009/10 beauty, be advised that matte is the new black where next season’s nails are concerned. OPI were wicked quick off the mark, launching a range of six iconic shades including Russian Navy and You Don’t Know Jacques in matte finish formulations away back in July. (Yes, I know it was only last month but it feels like feckin’ ages ago now!)

So now that lovely high-shine finish polishes have been deemed hideously unfashionable, what’s a gal to do? Repurchase all her favourite shades in a matte version?

Well sure, if you’ve a dedicated nail varnish storage hangar and maybe a dedicated paid-for-by-someone-else nail varnish credit card.

Me, I’ll be cheating and just be getting one new bottle o’ paint – a matte finish clear polish like Nail Envy Matte by OPI (€21.50 from HQhair, who’ll give you 15% off orders placed before midnight on Saturday when you use the code “CELEBDISC” at checkout… or $8.50 from 8ty8beauty) or Essie’s new Matte About You, which my sources tell me will be on counter shortly.

Is this a trend you’ll be trying out yourself, or will you be giving matte a miss?

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20 Replies to "AW09/10: Mad About Matte Nails"

  • Kirstie says:


    I have been obesessively checking HQhair for the essie one for about a month now, and no sign. Bah! I have also been trying base coats too, but they don’t work, so will have to cave and buy the Opi one I think.

  • Babaduck says:

    Oh Kirstie…

    You can get it from my fave seller on Ebay for an absolute steal even if you factor in the $4.50 shipping

  • Leo says:

    I’m loving the matte trend this year, will definitely be buying at least a matte top coat.

    Think I prefer the idea of matte-y-ing shades I already have, than buying a whole bunch of new polishes too.

  • Ladyelle says:

    Same here Leo…..I love anything to do with nails and Ive soooooo many varnishes think I’ll just buy a matte top coat…..

  • Zara says:

    As an aside to this, when I normally wear black nail polish, i put a clear colour underneath so the black doesn’t stain my nails (lesson learned!)but find that the black takes ages to dry and then always chips very fast. Both base and black top coast are from bourgois – anyone any tips or even recommendations for nail varnishes which would be better and can be bought in store rather than on internet?
    Thanks in advance!

  • LouLaBelles says:

    Oh no!!!! I love shiny nails, Im so disappointed with this!

    Whats the deal with metalic nails this A/W? Seen loads of adverts / celbs with meatlic nails at the moment, or is this just for now?

  • Honeybuncher says:

    Yeah, hate matte nails, I had a matte nail varnish before and I felt like i was wearing old varnish or something. Like it had been on for days.

    But I’m fickle. Just like I said I hated gladiator sandals…

  • Bunnybun says:

    Honeybuncher are we seperated at birth? Hate Matte and hate gladiator sandals

  • baby in a corner says:

    yeah i don’t get what this matte thing will look like at all. i like super shiny nails.

    Zara, i use leighton denny crystal finish which is a super shiny topcoat and i love it!

  • Shin says:

    OooOOooh her nails are LUSH. I’m a whore for anything black and shiny…

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