Anna Wintour, Pixie and Alexa: who looked more of an Eejit?

By Aisling | October 9 2009 | 40 Comments


It was a classic picture.  Two sets of fashionistas meet one another – albeit with a generation between them – and to say they didn’t get on is putting it mildly.  Worlds collided during London Fashion Week, and the results are hilarious.

Anna Wintour inspired the Meryl Streep character in the Devil Wears Prada.  In other words she’s not exactly a warm friendly person.  Nasty cow might be a good term.  Obviously she’s obsessed with fashion and the catwalk shows are like a spiritual event for her.

So imagine her disgust when she was seated beside Pixie Geldof and Alexa Chung during a London Fashion Week show.  She made no attempt to hide her dislike – look at that body language.  Meanwhile Alexa and Pixie thought it was fine to behave like a pair of prize tits, giggling, talking and – cringemakingly – hugging one another.

It was a disaster waiting to happen.  But could Anna Wintour ever lighten up and remove the umbrella it looks like someone stuck up her ass?  Or should Alexa and Pixie cop on and stop behaving like spoilt brats?

I think both.  But over to you to decide!

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40 Replies to "Anna Wintour, Pixie and Alexa: who looked more of an Eejit?"

  • LouLaBelles says:

    Pixie and Alexa! The 2 brats!

  • Keila says:

    I’m not surprised she was disgusted. She is famous and respected in the world of fashion (afaik!) and who are they, what have they done to deserve being in the front row of a major fashion show? They get on my nerves.

  • xgirl says:

    Ha :) I read somewhere that she commented “This is supposed be a fashion show and not a 6th form outing”. But since she was supposedly pioneered the use of celebrities in fashion magazines long before it was popular, you’d think she’d get why they’re put where they are, even if she doesn’t like it.

  • MAC Addict says:

    maybe a bit of both? though if was EVER sitting front row in a fashion show beside Anna (like thats ever gona happen!) i dont think i’d behave like those 2…i think i’d be too afraid,she looks so scary!! :s

  • Breige says:

    I think both as well and I agree. If I was sat next to Anna Wintour, I;d be terrified! And on my best behaviour! Who’s show was it? Heads will roll!

  • PinkPanther says:

    Hello??, Do you not know that Pixie’s Da had a hit single back in 1979?

  • Joanne says:

    Pixie and Alexa- both talentless try -hard wannabies! I’m with Anna

  • Cathspyjamas says:

    What have these two wasters ever done? Oh that’s right, one has a popstar Daddy and the other a popstar Boyfriend.

    Anyone else think that Alexa Chung looks like a chimp who raided an Oxfam shop?

  • S says:

    Oh god, there’s nothing worse than a journalist rehashing old Daily Mail articles. Completely fabricated story to boot.

  • Twinkletoes says:

    Team Wintour here too – the others look like idiots. Fair enough that they’re there (they get the show some coverage I guess with their “celeb” status) but please, act like you’re old enough to be there! :roll:

  • Glamazon says:

    God I was only thinking the other day ‘why do people rate Alexa Chung so highly?’. I don’t think that Anna Wintour deserves automatic respect and reverence because of who she is or the tyrannical image she has created for herself but I do think that Alexa and Pixie should show a bit of respect the designer and all of the attendees regardless of who they are. People went to see the clothes, not Alexie Chungoff.

  • Kirstie says:

    I don’t think Anna W is a nasty cow, she’s cold, very professional and a control freak, from what I can tell.

  • Cathspyjamas says:

    I agree Kirstie – though “cow” unfortunately and unfairly seems to be the epithet of choice for a woman who is really good at her job, but not particularly warm or friendly.

  • Brunette says:

    I think Alexa And Pixie acted up simply because Anna Wintour was sitting beside them. It was like they were making a point that they’re fashionable but also young, fun and everything not Wintour. I have seen photos of them at other events and they were never acting like this.

  • PinkPanther says:

    In fairness, whether she’s a cow are not is irrelevent. She’s been the most influential person in the world of fashion for over 20 years. To be sat beside to mawkish giggly school girls famous for being famous is disrespectful to her. Though perhaps some clever person knew what the result would be and the publcity it would gain for the show..Wintour will probably see to that the person is fired promtly anyway!

  • lulu says:

    i agree with brunette, i think they did this to simply rebel a bit against her. id probably do the same if i was sitting beside someone who thought they were better than me, but then again i can be immature. from what iv read about anna wintour, she may know her stuff but no need to be a cow to everyone and think your better. we are all equal in my eyes.

  • Glamazon says:

    But even if it was Waynetta Slob sitting beside them they should show some respect to the people who were at the show to see the clothes and to the designer. I am sure the people sitting the other side or behind them didn’t want the distraction of a schoolgirl floorshow either, regardless of their position in fashionworld.

  • Brunette says:

    Well said Glamazon!

  • sevda says:

    I don’t like Annas hair, it has annoyed me for years…good job I wasn’t put sitting beside her she’d have been in danger of me trying to chop it off.

    I also think the colour doesn’t suit her complexion. Oh did I say Anna’s hair annoys me.

  • Hermione says:

    Kirstie – Great description of Anna. I quite like her. I know she’s supposed to be cold, and very difficult, but she is very, very good at what she does.

    I don’t think it’s the fact that they’re sitting beside Anna Wintour which makes their behaviour inappropriate. Their behaviour is inappropriate because they’re at a fashion show, and shouldn’t be taking attention away from the clothes, as Glamazon says. Twats.

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