12 Days of Detox: Green, Matcha and White Tea

By Beaut.ie | January 5 2009 | 27 Comments

green tea

I just can’t be doing with strict, by-the-books detoxing. It all seems like such a load of stress and bother. But this January I’m going to promise myself two things that I hope I’ll be able to achieve. One, I am going to force my five a day down me if it kills me, and two, I’m going to get into a good tea drinkin’ habit. Green, matcha or white will be the ones I’ll be looking for – you can keep yer Lyons pyramids, ta.

Why? It’s all a bit of  a cheat, really. The hope is I’ll be so stuffed full of fruit ‘n veg that I won’t want to eat crap, and the tea thing? Well now, green and white teas are potent wonders. Packed full of polyphenols, potent phytochemicals that are among the most powerful antioxidants, this stuff is very definitely worth a try. There are lots of lofty claims that green and white teas can help to beat cancer and heart disease, and while those claims haven’t been substantiated, what is true is that these babies are packed full of goodness, which makes them a great choice if you’ve been partying a little on the hard side and you’re looking and feeling a bit shagged. What’s also known is that they can also aid weight loss – so really, it’s a no-brainer.

What to choose? Green tea is the first line of defence, and you can pick up packs of teabags in health food shops – look for something like Yogi Tea’s green tea range. Great for every day use, keep a pack at the office and sip a few cups a day – squeeze in some lemon if you’re not too keen on the taste, or  buy a blend like green tea and vanilla, or green tea and jasmine.

For a bigger jolt of goodness, check out matcha. Differing from other blends you might have tried, this stuff is loose green tea in super-fine powder form which you whisk into hot water, and down the lot. The benefit is you get all those extra nutrients that otherwise get binned with the teabag. Origins do a great organic matcha, which you can even whisk into vodka for a (relatively) sin-free cocktail. I’ve tried it, and felt positively virtuous. But post-Christmas, you may prefer to go the hot water route. In fact, yep, I’d definitely urge that, but do note that matcha is quite highly caffienated, so avoid just before bed.

The pick of the bunch is white tea. Incredibly high in polyphenols because it’s made purely from the young bud of the tea plant when it’s at its most potent, the leaves are withered and allowed to dry naturally, not crushed. This helps to preserve the maximum amount of goodness, making white tea a brilliant choice for a January detox cheat. Check out the Republic of Tea’s selection of white tea blends.

Lastly, tea fans in Dublin are spoiled for choice with the recent opening of a branch of Les Palais des Thés on Wicklow Street, the tea store in Powerscourt Townhouse Centre and the Tea Garden tea shop on the north quays. All three are a source of gorgeous blends and insider info. If there’s a tea-tastic location in your town or city that’s worth a mention, please leave us a comment!

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27 Replies to "12 Days of Detox: Green, Matcha and White Tea"

  • Glitterkitty says:

    i’ve taken green tea supplements for years and deffo noticed a difference after a short time.. just felt a lot better in general, more energy, less bleugh..
    i wouldn’t be into drinking the stuff but if you like the taste, good for you!

  • sweetie says:

    I love green tea and jasmin, usually have a cup in the morning :) And I also drink loads of herbal teas, my favorites are peppermint, raspberry leaf and nettle teas. They just make you feel like you are doing something good to your body, unlike the cuppa.

  • goofy face says:

    Thanks for the post. I have been following your blog for a while. Really like it.

    Tea is my department. I started drinking tea when I noticed that most of my Japanese and Hong Kong friends in their 30s and 40s were still youthful looking. I found that in their daily routine, they drink a lot of tea.

    I recommend loose tea leaves. Coz’ tea bag stuff is just the worst kind of tea, albeit convenient.

    And if you are drinking green tea or white tea, please also take into consideration of the water temperature. Usually let the boiled water cool down to 80 degree, otherwise the boiling water will burn the green or white tea.


  • After Christmas, I have been driking detox tea and after, I will keep on driking grean and pu ehr tea. I love them.

  • Admin says:

    goofy – ta! yep, the japanese women having no cellulite thing was the inspiration for this post!

  • Aphrodite says:

    Unfortunately I don’t like the taste of green tea – but I haven’t tried white yet so hopefully I might like that! I’ve given up black tea for the January though

  • Admin says:

    white is nice, a more delicate flavour.

  • mindymarillo says:

    I’ve been thinking about trying out white tea for ages, anyone know where you can buy it in Dub?

  • Admin says:

    mindy – you can get it in health food shops usually, like nourish and natures way sort of places.

  • sweetie1 says:

    I actually saw a white tea-bags in tesco recently! I’m sipping on my green tea here too today, the detox has started….might try some buy loose greeen tea for home as its supposedly way better than the t-bags!

  • Admin says:

    yeah, as goofy face said above, it is. It’s just a bit more practical for work and stuff to use bags. Oh and here’s a bit more info I forgot to add:

    always use freshly boiled water so the oxygen content is the highest it can be and place a saucer over the cup for 2-3 minutes after pouring water in to allow all the polyphenols and goodies to stay in the tea, as opposed to dissipating into the air.

  • sweetie1 says:

    O feic the saucer, I’ll have to get a little tea pot!

  • Admin says:

    oh the saucer trick works well for teabags

  • mindymarillo says:

    just bought a couple of types of white tea and a glass mug with built in strainer yoke on jing, very handy for work too, yay!
    have been meaning to get this for ages thanks for the post admin :)

  • sweetie says:

    mindymarillo, that mug looks great for work :) Bee meaning to find something like that for ages, thanks fo rthe link.

  • mindymarillo says:

    i’d say you could get it somewhere else for cheaper sweetie but am not in the mood to bargain hunt! plus with the fab exchange rate its not too bad

  • hazelboots says:

    for some reason i cant stand the regular cuppa but throw me a cup of green t anyday!:)
    i think its douwe egberts(its a range of herbal teas in tall green boxes anyway)that do a white tea infused with raspberry and aloe! a really nice sweet flavour and really refreshing!

  • kt says:

    I am Japanese and I love green tea!
    But whatever you get in ordinary super market don’t taste nice…
    and goofy face is right! cool down hot water first ;)
    However, green tee have lots of caffeine and it will drop your body temperature.
    So I drink Hoji-cha (low-caffeine green tea) a lot at the moment :)

  • becks says:

    I remember reading a few years ago that you could makeup the tea for the whole day and then drink it through out – is this true.

    Wouldn’t mind getting into this green tea but fear it will be like the bottles of water on my desk.

  • hockeystick says:

    peppermint is brilliant after a meal esp if you have over indulged as it helps you feel less full really quickly .. aids digestion and all that jazz ….

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