Smashbox Gets Wicked and Lovely

By | November 6 2008 | 9 Comments

smashbox wicked lovely

Double Smashbox news this week: firstly, the brand is now available in House of Fraser, Dundrum (along with H20+), and the winter collection has just landed on counter too. Wicked Lovely, for such is its name, is a bit of two-faced collection – but in the best possible sense, you understand. Pandering to both our sweet and sexy sides, the range provides girly goodness and devilish darks, so you can jazz yourself up depending on your mood.

There’s a trio Cream Liner and Loose Shimmer in one pot for €30, Blush Rush in Charm, a wearable pink, for €22, with a swivel-out mirror, Eye Shadow Duos in Sexy/Demure (muted brown and shimmering peach) or Sinful/Pure (dirty teal/shimmering ivory) also at €22, plus our fave Double Take lip colour pencil, €22, in Gossamer. There’s more: Lip Gloss in Coy (sweet nude) and Sweet (sheer pink) for €18 finishes this limited edition offering.

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9 Replies to "Smashbox Gets Wicked and Lovely"

  • Efa says:

    Hmmm sounds just fabilis…… I might have get me some of this!

  • Hayden says:

    A girl I used work with was also a trained make up artist/ beautician etc.. and one day I said sth about smashbox and she said that she’d never but smashbopx never her face…
    I’ve been left confused ever since, dunno what she said it but I was always tempted to try it but have been put off it by her.
    Anyone ever come across any problems with smashbox?

  • Admin says:

    hayden – seems odd. it’s the factor brothers, dean and davis, who are max factor’s grandsons, so there’s a big beauty pedigree there.

  • ciara says:

    Thats very strange she said she’d never use smashbox. They use it on all the celebs for cover shoots for vogue mag etc… in the smashbox studios in LA.I have a friend who is a makeup artist and she got me on the brand. It was designed to last on your skin, and not melt off under the hot lights in the studios.And seemly the celebs loved it so much in their shoots they kept robbing the makeup coz it wasn’t possible to buy it.Now it is available to us mere mortals, I think their primers are a must have.And i couldn’t live without my cream eyeliner and halo powder.I never used to groom my eyebrows until i was introduced to their brow powder, its brill, fills in all the little gaps where ive overplucked!!! I’m dying to try out their new range, the lipglosses look lovely. The only bad purchase ive had is their liquid foundation. Not much coverage, and i don’t have the time to BUILD coverage in the morning!!!!!

  • ams says:

    I got a mahooosive smashbox haul off ebay over the past few months – just seemed to find brilliant bargains.

    I have mixed feelings on some of their stuff – the pigmentation in the eyeshadows just doesnt seem to be that great or something. I love their cream eyeliners though and I have a powder foundation which is good if you require a bit of extra coverage (read spots showing through normal foundation).
    I have their softlights bronzer/highlighter but think this just makes my face look dirty even though its a pale enough colour.
    Also have a highlighter stick which I use most mornings just for the sake of it – dont find it makes much of a difference and you prob can’t even notice I have it on!!!
    I also got their o-glow stuff as part of a set which is ultra rubbish. I bought the set as the full sized primer was in it for less than €30 but havent given this a proper try out yet.

  • ams says:

    Yeah I also have the brow powder and its pretty good – have to go easy on it though or I look like a serious tranny/catterpillar

  • Lesley says:

    oh my god ive just been in to pharmacy oregan on talbot street and had a make over with the new wicked and lovely range i look ab fab. Ive bought a few new items and the girl showed me how to apply it and told me since ive bought so much i can have a few makeover any time.
    If i was you id go in and have a try.

  • kelly says:

    LOVE smashbox cant live without there primer,it really keeps my make up in place all day.My friend(who is a make up artist)said they do a eye/lip primer aswell which keeps your eye make up on forever.

    Ciara i put on the liquid then the halo on top for more coverage/more night time look.
    Theres a new counter in house of fraser im pretty sure,i will have go the weekend.
    I like more the counters than the pharmacys

  • Tamara, San Jose, CA says:

    I love Smashbox cosmetics. Foundation primer is amazing and Halo foundation provides a flawless finish to my complexion (for special events, I layer Halo over liquid foundation). I use their taupe eyebrow powder/wax (even though I’m a brunette). If you really want eyeliner at the lash line, try their cream liner (or even their new cream pencils). I get along well with their eyeshadow because I don’t like heavy coverage (if I want heavy color, I use MAC). I don’t use Smashbox mascara, as I prefer Dior. Smashbox lipgloss is heavenly.

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