Scented candles: oh yeah baby

By Aisling | June 12 2008 | 34 Comments


I have to admit I’m a total sucker for scented candles.There’s nothing more indulgent than lighting the expensive candle, pouring the wine and then running the bubble bath, is there?

But when you’re buying candles it doesn’t pay to cut corners. Cheapie candles are just sprayed on the outside with scent – that’s why they’re cheap. Luxury candles – the likes of Jo Malone for example – are infused throughout with gorgeous fragrances and oils so the scent lasts and lasts and can easily perfume a whole room (or house). Nue Blu Erui have their own range of candles which are gorgeous, Marks and Spencer do a very fine line in candles and at the moment I’m burning a yummy Yon-ka candle.

What are your favourites? And which ones would you steer us clear of?

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34 Replies to "Scented candles: oh yeah baby"

  • baby in a corner says:

    i had an origins candle which i quite liked, it was minty but then i thought that the same effect could be achieved with essential oils so maybe it wasn’t worth the money.

    some of the yankee candles are nice liked the tahitian one but the cinnamon was yuck!

  • Lorna says:

    I love the yankee candles the tahitan flower, wedding day & clean cotton are my fave. Got my mam a gorgeous Jo Malone candle and she wont light it, its for display like many other things in my house. Love the Jo Malone candles

  • sorey says:

    Haha Lorna my mum is the same! Bought her one at Christmas and she is “saving it for after we’ve renovated the house”…..! I have a Jo Malone one myself, Vintage Gardenia, and I love burning it at night. So relaxing.

  • Aphrodite says:

    I love the yankee candles too – and they do those great car jars too!

  • Furious Ava says:

    I love Jo Malone, Diptyque and Banana Republic candles. I bought a few of the True Grace ones and I thought they were awful, definitely not worth the money.

  • liitlesis says:

    How much are we talking for a Jo Malone?

  • tor says:

    I love Cloon Keen Candles from Galway and Seda France candles which are oprahs Favourites!!! i like the yankees but im so sick of them bigtime

  • Jenknee says:

    I love the jo malone and yankee candles especially the baby powder scented yankee one.

  • xgirl says:

    I love the L’Occitane candles. Nourish sells their own line of natural candles which are lovely but can be a bit hit or miss with regard to how strongly fragranced they are. Muji also has some lovely ones – in particular the ones in glass holders, though they are expensive enough. Lately I’ve been using an oil burner more though, as it seems more economical. All my oils are from L’Occitane.

  • Hayden says:

    I love the Cloon Keen Candles tooooo. They are fab! I love the “Just baked apple pie” and the Christmas edition ones are lovely.
    They last ages and you can smell them through out the house. €14-€16

  • Shin says:

    I love the Max Benjamin ones, especially the lemongrass and giner one. Divine!

  • Shin says:

    ginger, even!

  • MontyC says:

    L’Occitane candles (and everything else they do really) are gorgeous!

  • SF says:

    Adding to the love for Cloon Keen candles too, esp. the Tea Rose one. Beautiful scent and great value for money. And Maggy from Cloon Keen is absolutely lovely, always friendly & happy to chat with anyone who goes into the shop in Galway. (*wave madly* Hi if you’re lurking Maggy!)

    Didn’t know you could get oils for burning in L’Occitane, must check that out as I looooove their Cherry Blossom candle.

  • Polly says:

    Shin – I have the same Max Benjamin Lemongrass and Ginger one and I love it too!
    Muji do a gorgeous cinnamon and mandarin one for about €7. It’s in a tin so it’s great for travelling. Good for getting rid of that “hotel room smell”!!
    I love L’Occitane candles but I usually buy the oil version instead if it’s available as they are more economical

  • girlfriday says:

    Love the Jo Malone Grapefruit candle. Also Diptyque do a gorgeous rose scented one. L’occitane have great selection as well, and the Cloon Keen vanilla one with the ice cream cone on it is gorge.

  • Polly says:

    Aphrodite – What are Car Jars? My car is stinking at the moment – they sound like they could help!

  • Aphrodite says:

    Polly – they’re like magic trees – cardboardy yokes that dangle off the rear view. Smell delish!

  • Polly says:

    Thanks Aphrodite! Sounds like a nice change from “Royal Pine”! I don’t like my car smelling like a loo!!

  • Roseyrosie says:

    I got a Diptyque special John Galliano candle that was amazing – kind of smelled like gay man, not in a derogatory way but I always think gay men smell really sexy or something; huge generalisation, but I think they know their scents! Anyway it was gorge. All gone now and we use the glass for drinking out of!

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