Gorgeous Handbag Mirrors from Belleblu.com

By Beaut.ie | January 9 2008 | 7 Comments

glam rock

Ooh, the bling-fan in me likes this, a lot.

It’s a teeny little mirror compact called the Glam Rock Royalty Mirror Compact, and it’s purrrfect for even the slimmest of clutches, I think. €35 gets you this 2.5 x 2.75 mirror from lovely Irish website Belleblu.com (choose the best sellers section, and scroll through to locate it).

That may seem hefty, but consider that it’s gold plated, enameled and embellished with crystals for that price. Oh, and it’s so nice too!

It’d make a great present, wouldn’t it?

For yourself, wha?

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7 Replies to "Gorgeous Handbag Mirrors from Belleblu.com"

  • Townygirl says:

    I was looking at compact mirrors before chrimble . . they are sooo lovely. I laid many hints but looks like i’ll have to get myself one, this one methinks! . . hehehe

  • oooooooooooooo so pretty and it’d go so well with my new Friis and Company bag!!!!

  • Admin says:

    oh I have many friis and company bags!

  • Atomic_Blonde says:

    I got a lovely gold GHD handbag mirror with my GHD’s, its gold with GHD in diamonds, v. pretty. No use for handbag mirrors though as most of my powders etc have mirrors. :(

  • liitlesis says:

    I got the same Ghd mirror Atomic!
    so cute

  • Annie says:

    Oh so gorgeous, I want!

  • Bee says:

    Gotta say, I ordered something from these guys before Xmas and they are great – it was shipped like a flash and they sent on a free gift too. Belleblu.com seems to be based out of Clifden in Galway so I’m only happy to support a home grown initiative.

    I got the nipple concealers (fab under sheer backless tops – keeps De Boyz down in the cold), and the bra strap thingies to turn it into a racer back.

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