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Too Faced Liquif Eye Palette – not perfect but it sure is pretty

By Aisling | June 30 2008 | 5 Comments


In a hurry to get ready to go out the other night I went into a panic when I couldn’t find my Liquif Eye palette.

“Where’s my Liquif Eye thingy” I screeched.

“Your what?” said the husband (he’s used to such mad moments). “Come on we’ve to go in a few minutes”

liquif-eyes.jpgI tore through my makeup bags, finally finding it in the last one I looked in. Of course.

That’s when I realised that janey mac this actually must be one of my Can’t Live Withouts.

Too Faced say: “The perfect palette of ultra-intense magnificent metallic and smoldering smoker shadows in one calculated kit to accompany our best-selling eye shadow transformer Liquif-Eye”

Now, despite what they say, it’s by no means perfect – read Kirstie’s review, much of which I agree with.

Not all the shades transform well. But – the green shades work. The grey glitter shadow is a firm fave. And I do love the bright blue. And the purple. It gets so much use. It’s handy and portable. And an absolute plus for me -it hasn’t smashed in my handbag yet. Which is always nice.

Buy in Boots for around the €25ish mark. And really for that price we can’t expect perfection.

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