Hair colour of Yore: Glints and Henna

By Aisling | September 25 2008 | 40 Comments


“Aphrodi-TEE!! Get up here now and clean this up”

The screech would ring down the stairs.

Oh poor Mammy, I had your heart scalded with my hair colour experiments of yore. Every single colouring involved the irretrievable wrecking of towels, the staining of the entire bathroom and many objects around the house.

I loved Glints – and I so wanted the plum colour to work on my hair. It never did – in hindsight I was just too dark. But my friend used to get it exactly right, so I wouldn’t give up. I used to sit behind her in Maths raging that I didn’t have that plum Glints sheen.

Bodyshop and Indian shop Henna – we bought big packets of the stinking stuff every time we went into town. Kettles were boiled, henna powder was soaked and applied to the hair. Like cow dung drying in the sun it would never adhere properly, no matter how much clingfilm you wrapped around your head. Splat! It would fall off at every opportunity, instantly staining everything it touched. Even staining things I didn’t think it had touched. We’d leave it in overnight and stand in sunlight to admire the red results. Which were great I have to admit. Super shiny.

Once something came in a sachet, didn’t cost very much and made the most atrocious mess in the bathroom we were happy. Mammy wasn’t though.

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40 Replies to "Hair colour of Yore: Glints and Henna"

  • sweetie1 says:

    O I only loved the plum glints! And the hint of a tints and wella sachets and there were other sachets too! Ruined bathroom wallpapers and paint with many a potion!

  • Admin says:

    heh heh heh
    I remember this well
    I also remember my fire-engine red stripes circa 1992, done with bleach and dayglo colour bought in London

  • Suzannie says:

    Oh I had a bit of a disaster with one of those sachets, I really wanted red hair ended up dying my scalp fire extinguisher red, it was so not a good look. Haven’t touched any sort of hair dye since

  • Admin says:

    I’ve actually never really been that bothered about my hair and so have avoided most horrid trends that have come and gone, and because it’s so dark, no dye works on it anyway – and I’m long past my bleaching days.

  • Babaduck says:

    I remember buying Hint of a Tint in Woolworths and thinking I was the dogs liathrodi altogether. Sun-In turned my hair orange :eek:

  • FilthyCute says:

    I often use the Lush Cacca Rouge henna on my hair :) It makes it SO shiny and silky and just gorgeous. I heart it. And because i’ve no sense of smell, I don’t get bothered by stench!

    Going to be using it this weekend, actually. I’m on a mission to get my hair back to ginger. So bought the dye yesterday so will be doing that tomorrow. Then on Saturday i’ll give it a go over with the henna to help condition it and give it added extra shine :) LOVE Lush henna.

  • hockeysticks says:

    what about Sun-In ??

  • O Great One says:

    I remember going to my friends house to dye my hair blue cause I knew I’d never get away with it other than turn up with it blue, my mother refused to have me in photos till I got rid. Fair enough though cause after about 3 washes it went a funny shade of grey… and they were the days. (Oh and bleaching Morticia Adams strips in the front with Domestos)

  • oh god..hint of a tint…I destroyed our bathroom with that…and also alot of my clothes too…and my forehead…basically I shouldn’t be let near anything that alters colours…

  • Errol's girl says:

    Jesus I remember sun-in turned my brown hair itinerant yellow & made it go frizzy & pretending to your friends that it was sun-bleached even though it had lashed rain all summer & you’d only got as far as wexford! Henna oh the smell and the powder that didn’t mix properly so your hair came out all patchy and it dyed your bathroom including the grouting & the floor….. sigh!

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