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Get Wii Fit

By | May 6 2008 | 19 Comments

wii fit

Got a Wii already, or are you looking for an excuse to buy? Possibly worried about your health and fitness levels? And lets face it, who isn’t, these days?

The new Nintendo Wii Fit can satisfy that excuse you needed to purchase yourself a Wii, as well as help you to feel better about your health. €79.99 buys a neat little exercise board that you hook up to the Wii. Step on-board, and you can calculate your BMI (body mass index), set yourself targets to lose weight and it’ll help you to meet your goals too. You’ll be encouraged to partake in a range of activities like heading footballs, skiing, snowboarding, running, doing the hoola-hoop, Aerobics, and yoga – all of which are great exercise – and most importantly, they’re fun. Confused? No need to be – watch how the Wii Fit works courtesy of YouTube.

So if the gym isn’t for you, then this just might be, eh?

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