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Christmas gift ideas for the true beauty fiend

By xgirl | November 28 2008 | 11 Comments

christmas beauty

With Christmas just around the corner, the beauty counters are heaving with gift sets and sparkly party makeup. However, if you’re buying for someone who is serious about her makeup, why not forego the paintbox-style palettes (lovely and all as so many of them are) and put together your own thoughtful gift that she’ll probably get more use out of in the long run?

How about a Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer (highlighters are so much easy to buy for someone than foundation), with the Blender Brush to apply it?

Or a Becca Cream Blush and the Cream Blush/Bronzer Brush?

And the Laura Mercier Eye Liner and Flat Eye Liner Brush are fantastic for gorgeously-lined eyes.

Have you come up with any similar ideas yourself, or have any made their way onto your wishlists?

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